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May is International Masturbation Month; A whole month dedicated to educating and promoting a healthy conversation around the topic of masturbation.

Over the years masturbation has been something that has been talked about as being shameful and even harmful but the truth is that masturbation is good for both your physical and mental health and also your sexual relationships with others too as knowing what you like makes it much easier for you share that with your partner(s).

Off course when we think of masturbation we not only think of sex toys that might help but also for many porn plays a role in their self love habits but it definitely doesn’t float every ones wanking boat and even if it does then maybe now is the time to try something new and read yourself to orgasm.

There are tons stories on the internet for you to pick from but we thought it might be helpful to bring together a short list of some of the sexiest reading out there for you to explore, so without further ado…

4 Sexy Patreons

Patreon is a site where you can subscribe to different creators work and depending on what level of subscription you opt for depends on what benefits you get. Below is a selection you might enjoy diddling away to.

Alison Tyler

Erotic author extraordinaire, she has a plethora of sexy titles to her name but this your chance your chance to get regular delicious reading from her and if you subscribe at a high enough level then she will even send you extra little goodies in the post.

Cara Thereon

For just $1 a month, yes seriously ONE DOLLAR a month you get access to Cara’s take on a Snow White Dystopian Erotic Story. There is a chapter each month for a whole year and the promise of some bonus material the more sponsors she gets. You can read the 1st chapter for free HERE

Guy New York

Guy New York has a substantial catalogue of filthy writing to his name. His Patreon has various different levels of access but if you like reading filth then the $5 a month level gets is a deal as you get access to images and short stories on as well as one e-book every month.

Girl on the Net

This one is a bit different and will appeal to those among you who prefer to listen to your smut rather than read it. There are various levels but for $5 a month you get to listen to her read you all sorts of filthy words.

5 Sexy Books

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 4, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

This book is literally packed with filthy dirty stories for you to enjoy and of course if this hits the mark there are 3 previous volumes to collect.

The Perfect Submissive Box Set by Kay Jaybee

3 books for £6.99 actually that should say 3 deliciously sexy books for £6.99. “If you like your erotica dark and dirty, then this is the book for you.” The Romance Reviews

The Mount Series Box Set by KD Grace

This is another box set for a bargain price that will add some seriously hot and steamy reading to your life. Featuring 3 erotic adventures revolving around “The Mount, a mysterious and ancient organisation devoted, amongst other things, to the exploration of sexual pleasures…” these stories will definitely heat things up.

Domme Chronicles: Erotic tales of love, passion, & domination By Sharyn Ferns

If you like your women in charge and your men strong but submissive in response then this collection of smoking hot vignettes about a female dominant and her boy is absolutely for you. The writing is sublime and the stories are full of passion, lust, desire and love.

Fierce Enchantments by Janine Ashbless

Or maybe you like your erotica filled with fantasy, myth and magic and oozing with adventure, lust and passion then this collection of ten short stories by Janine Ashbless is guaranteed to hit the (wet) spot.

6 Sexy blogs

There are a huge amount of excellent sex blogs out there on the internet but this list is to help you discover some that write fabulously hot stories that we think most definitely fit the ‘read yourself to orgasm’ brief.


If you like your erotic fiction to feature myths and god, angels and demons or Vampires and other sinister characters than you really should be reading Ella Scandals blog.

Sex Matters

May was one of the finalists in last year’s Smut Marathon and deservedly so in our opinion as she is a fantastic writer who pens a wide variety of erotic fiction from the dark and edgy to the romantic.

On Queer Street

Quinn is an exciting new writer who as a young queer feminist writes a lot of fiction that reflects those things as well as her love for filthy slutty kinky sex.

Floss Does Life

Floss writes a large variety of different content but her erotic fiction is definitely glorious stuff. She is intelligent writer who explores many different themes in her writing and we are sure you will find something here that will get your reading yourself to orgasm

Brigit Writes

Brigit is a writer who definitely knows her craft. Her writing is sharp and strong and as her result her erotica definitely hits the mark.

My Controlled Ascent

Kisungura has only been blogging just over a year but she seems to have hit the ground running when it comes to erotic fiction. He stories are clever and varied and deliciously filthy.

While all the writing listed here won’t hit the spot for everyone there is most definitely something that will work for you and so I suggest you have a thorough poke about and hopefully a good rub to go with it.

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  1. Many thanks for including Sex Matters in your sexy blogs.Very pleased – made my day for sure – blogging is my passion so it is always nice when it pays off x

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