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Godemiche christmas gift guide 2019 lets go shopping

Can you hear the sleigh bells rings? Have you eaten your first Mince Pie of 2019? Surely you have made a Christmas list? Well if not then I am definitely here to help you with that. I have done my digging and unearthed what I hope is a mixture of heavenly delights, in a variety of different price ranges, for you to either put on your Christmas wish list or help you find the perfect gift for someone special.

So without further ado let’s go Christmas Shopping together.

Nadia Vanilla Canvas Painting – £56.48 (plus shipping)

blue canvas painting of female nude


Isn’t it absolutely beautiful? This is just one of Nadia’s beautiful original art-work that you can find on her Etsy shop. She lives in the USA but ships to the UK and according to her page also takes on custom work so if you don’t see anything you like on her page then why not get in touch and maybe she can create something beautiful from a picture you have..





The Circle Planner 2020 – £30

navy circle plannerDo you have someone in your life who is a planner or maybe you have someone who is in need of a bit of a planning help? I bought one of these planners for myself last year. This year I have bought another one and one each for both my kids for Christmas because that is just how much I love mine.




Sterling Silver Booby Necklace – £39.96

boob necklaceThis artist is in Canada but definitely has shipping options to the UK. If you are a boobs fan then not only can you get this beautiful necklace but she also does earrings and rings and if  boobs are not for you then she has a whole host of other interesting and unique pieces to pick from.






Spreadable Gin & Tonic Marmalade – £10

Do you have a gin lover in your life? Then surely this one is for them. What more could they want than to start their day with some Gin & Tonic Marmalade on toast.




The Final Descent – Black Chrome Edition – $499.00 USD

skull that looks like it is meltingI know this one is definitely not a little stocking filler more of a budget breaker but oh my, isn’t it so wonderfully freaky?  I have to admit I am in love with lots of Jack of the Dust’s beautiful skull creations but I appreciate that it is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you have a freaky little lover of skulls in your life and can stretch your budget then something Jack of the Dust is going to make their Christmas





We Vibe Moxie – €129

moxie mini vibratorWe have not actually tried this little vibe out yet but have heard some excellent things about it. There have been plenty of attempts to make a good hidden vibrator but in our experience they have mostly not worked very well but this one really does look like it has amazing potential and not only does it work if your partner is right beside you but they can also control it through an app on your phone so if you and your partner are having a long distance relationship or spend quite a bit of time apart then maybe this is the perfect Christmas gift for you.



MAZE · Wide Belt and Restraints – £38.77

Maze wide faux leather beltIt might look like just an unusual funky belt but this belt has a dirty secret because you can detach the central strap and turn into restraints and a leash. It is basically one of the naughty secrets hidden in plain sight.





Meat Market by Juno Dawson – £5.19

I decided that no Christmas list is complete without a good book and I thought it would be only right to include Monika’s favourite author, Juno Dawson in the list and so I asked her to select her favourite Juno book and she picked Meat Market or Clean. They are both categorised as young adult fiction but have hard hitting story lines but I also wanted to include her book The Gender Games which is a non-fiction look at how gender is basically messing with all our lives.

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