NEW Glitters Named By You

New Glitters Named By You

Yes we know picking a glitter colour is all but impossible as it is because it all looks so fucking good, so why, WHY have we added more? 

Well, because it looks so dam fucking good!

But this time it’s a little more special as all the new glitters have been named by members of our Instagram community. We showed them the colours and they responded with a sea of sparkly names and we picked the ones that just felt very ‘Godemiche’ to us.

The result is five NEW glitters as named by you…

Whiskey Kisses – A sweet and amber liquid that fills your mouth with a soothing, warming caress that then flows like fiery kisses through your body.

Unicorn Blood – It sparkles like magic, dark bloody magic that will cast an erotic spell on you.

Grasshopper – In the long lush verdant grass of summer meadows lives this vibrant green beauty which sparkles in the sunlight if you are lucky enough to see it.

Tickled Pink! –  All the joys of pink with added giggles.

Violet Dusk – That perfect moment when the day meets the night and together they collide in a violet dusk.

The new glitters will be available 23rd November as part of the Effulgence collection. 

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