Closed for Christmas

Closed for Christmas

godemiche closed for christmas 2019 adam and monika in the snow

This year we have decided to fully close the Godemiche workshop over the Christmas period and spend some much needed time with our friends and family.

Over the past three years we have devote so much of our life to helping people in their sexual exploration and making the best Godemiche silicone products that we can but we are guilty of overlooking our loved ones a bit as a result. They are important people in the life of business as they are the folks who support, help and love us as we work to grow our business and it is important to us and them to give them the time they deserve and need.

With this in mind we are taking a 2 week break from December 23rd to January 5th to play with our kids, see family, drink with friends, and have as much sex as we can! After all it is important to put the Vasectomy to good use.

Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year.

Bottoms up for 2020 its going to be one hell of a ride we promises.

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