7 Tips for Wearing a Butt Plug All Day

7 Tips for Wearing a Butt Plug All Day

7 Tips for Wearing a Butt Plug All Day by molly more

We have noticed that we seem to get quite a lot of traffic from people searching for information about wearing a butt plug out in public. It seems to be a real topic of interest for folks and that maybe there is a lack of information on this subject out there and so we have taken some of the various search terms that we seem to get regularly and put together a little guide to help people get started and really enjoy this kind of play.

Wearing a butt plug out in public is a really hot thing to do. Not only do you get the physical stimulation of feeling the plug in you as you move around but also the sexy thrill. Maybe you are out at the shops, or going to dinner, meeting friends or a lover or even at work, to everyone else you just look like your normal self but underneath your clothes you have a naughty super secret that only you or maybe you and partner knows about. Trust me, it makes getting the groceries or going to a meeting a whole lot of a more stimulating experience.

So here are some thing to bear in mind if you want to get out and about and wear a butt plug out in public.

Find the right shaped butt plug

You want to be able to wear it out and about and/or for some period of time and so the shape and size of the plug you pick is really important. You want to know it is there; You want that feeling of fullness and tightness but not the constant feeling that you are struggling to keep it in and that it might drop out of you. That might be a turn on to some people but mostly that will make wearing a plug for any length of time a real challenge. My advice is buy a plug with a bulbous head and a narrow stem. It is also vital that you pick a toy with a flared base of some kind as that will ensure that you do not risk losing it inside yourself. We designed our plugs with a T base so that not only can it not slip inside your body but that base will sit comfortably between your butt cheeks making it easier for you to sit down comfortably whilst wearing it. The size of the head will depend on you but I would recommend starting with something not to big and gradually work up to something larger but that does depend on how experienced and confident with anal play you are.

Material and weight

When it comes to butt plugs, in fact when it comes to any insertable sex toys you absolutely want to make sure it is made from a body safe non-porous material such a glass, metal or silicone. Clearly different materials will also have an effect on the weight of the plug with glass and metal probably being heavier than silicone. Again if you are a beginner you are probably going to want to start with something fairly lightweight so that you can get used to wearing your plug for a longer period of time before trying something a little heavier. As a general rule the heavier the plug the shorter amount of time you are going to able to sustain wearing it

Lube it up

Basically use lots of lube. You absolutely do not want the plug to dry out whilst you are wearing it as that cause it to become increasingly uncomfortable and will make removal uncomfortable too. However much lube you think you need you probably need more. Get plenty on the head and stem of the plug and also smear plenty around your anus and if possible use a finger to make sure there is some inside you too. You can get some lubes with a little applicator for insertion which is something you might also want to try. Once you have the plug happily and comfortable in place inside you then you may well want to get a bit of tissue and wipe away the excess so that you don’t spend the whole time feeling too wet and sticky.

Build up the length of time you wear it

Don’t expect to pop it in and head off to work wearing it on your first day. You absolutely need to train your body to get used to the feeling. The first time you try wearing it aim for about 20 minutes. It should feel good, comfortable, sexy, if it doesn’t then take it out and try again another time. Gradually build up the amount of time you wear it for, but even once you have gotten used it to don’t be surprised if sometimes your body just does not want to play which leads me onto the next important point….

Listen to your body

Your body is very good at letting you know if something is wrong if that happens always listen to it and stop. I find that if I wear a butt plug for too long then I will start to get a slight ache in my lower back. Also be aware of subtle signs that your body has had enough, such as headache and slight cramping. I have found on occasion that it can be absolutely fine one moment and then my body flicks the ‘too much’ switch and starts sending me unhappy signs. I have been known to head to the nearest public toilet and remove the plug because my body had enough.  However the more you experienced you become the better you will be at knowing your body’s limits and judging things just right but even then there will be times when your body will tell you ‘not today’ listen to that and try again another day.

Going to the toilet

So this is a question that seems to come up a lot. Clearly if you need a poo then I think it is pretty obvious that you are going to have to take the plug out. In fact on that note, only attempt to wear a plug after you have been to the toilet and emptied your bowels otherwise you are far more likely to find yourself getting cramps and tummy ache as your body tries to tell you that something is not right.

When it comes to having a pee, there is no need to remove the plug unless you have to that is. The plug clearly fills up space in that area and it is possible that it might make actually having a pee a little tricky. If that is the case then clearly you will need to remove it but I don’t tend to have a problem and so just leave it in.

It is meant to make you feel sexy

Wearing a plug, whether it be around the house or out and about in the big wide world it is meant to be fun and sexy. It should be a turn on for you and your body should respond with lovely horny sexy feelings. It should be comfortable, never painful, but not so comfortable that you do not know it is there. After all one can assume you are doing it for the stimulation. Every time you move it should it should remind you that it is there and that you have a deliciously wicked secret party taking place in your pants and of course if you have a partner sharing your naughty secret, then not only is it hot for you but also hot for them.

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  1. Advice that’s bang on the money! I’ve learnt by trial and error, and believe me, the errors can be a little messy.

    It may not be the case for everyone, but over-cleaning first often makes it more likely that I will end up with a shorter session. As there will always be something ‘up there’, I prefer it to be normal rather than more liquid because I have cleaned. I have a poo, use liberal amounts of lube, pop up the favourite plug, then settle down for at least half an hour before I even consider venturing out. Usually in that time I will need to go once again, but the lube has done a very good job and the clear out is more thorough. I clean up, wash the plug, lube up again and pop it up. For a prolongued period (several hours or more) and especially if I have eaten, I might need to do that again, but it is quick and relatively mess free.

    One final thing that wasn’t mentioned – not all lubes are equal. Find one that you like, and this might mean trying several. I made the mistake of buying one in the same shape bottle to my normal brand and only realising my mistake when I thought I had used battery acid instead of lube – ouch! Some might find that presses their buttons, but I couldn’t get the shower head going quick enough.

    Being plugged is the only thing that makes going out Christmas shopping bearable, and I can’t recommend Godemiches Plug B (large) highly enough for comfort.

  2. I’m just now learning about the use and pleasures of buttplugs and I want to know more.. Also is there any advice on how to encorporate the use of them into bedroom play with my spouse?

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