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This Mother’s Day we invited Adam’s mum to the office to answer your question. Questions about, sex, sexuality and much much more. The result is Adam talking sex with his Mum

When we first told people about the idea of ‘talking sex with Adam’s Mum’ the immediate question was ‘why, isn’t that weird? Well, we have always believed that sex should be a topic people feel more comfortable openly talking about whether it is general advice, experiences or tip. Talking to your parents about anything shouldn’t be an impossible thing, yes sometimes you might feel embarrassed but just remember they too were in your shoes and if you ask them we are sure they would have welcomed some advice when they were younger.

So grab yourself a tea, coffee even a gin and tonic, sit down and enjoy.

P.S – Please please please let us know what you think of the video. It’s not our normal kind of video so let us know if you like this style or not.

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