The Hunt Is on

The Hunt Is on

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The thrill of an Easter Egg hunt around Grandma garden, racing to find those tiny chocolate eggs will always be one of my great childhood memories.

But as I have grown older, Grandma doesn’t hide the eggs anymore but I still really fancy the thrill of hunting Easter Eggs. Don’t you? And this year, well Easter Egg Hunts are even more complicated than before.

So last year to fully embrace Easter we decided to have a good ole fashioned Easter Egg hunt right here on our sexy sex toy shop. It was such a success and everyone seemed to enjoy it so much that we have decided to bring it back again this year. Godemiche Easter Egg Hunt 2020!

We have hidden 5 Easter Eggs around the website, the eggs are bright and colourful to help you find them.

To take part in the Easter egg hunt all you have to do is;

  • Find all 5 of the eggs
  • Make a note of their location
  • Fill in the Easter Egg form below
  • Get a link to the super secret product that you can only buy if you do the previous 3 steps.

Once you have done that you need fill out the Easter Egg form, letting us know where the 5 eggs are located. If you successfully find the 5 eggs in their hiding places we will send you a secret link to see the special Easter colourways before anyone else. But be quick the hunt is only on until the 20th of April.

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