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    I miss it too. Your picture makes me wistful. Beautiful nonetheless.

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    Oh yes … I feel that craving too !!!
    And, such a beautiful … sexy … photo as this just makes me crave even more !!!
    Xxx – K

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    Beautiful image. And yes I’m missing those too x

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    The light here is so warm, so inviting and makes it look cosy. I really like how you’re centred and facing your back to the camera

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    Oh me too, I’d love to wake up somewhere new with a view that’s different. Somewhere that has other people close by, somewhere with food we didn’t cook ourselves that we can share. It see,s so long ago now that this was something I took for granted.

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    Molly Moore

    Oh yes. So much this…. I long for times like this again


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    This is SUCH a beautiful image – you look stunning! I’m definitely yearning for adventures too.

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