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Bodyscape – Sinful Sunday

My mind was tired of working long hours, constant busy life and looking after the kids 24/7. Since the lockdown started I wasn’t really focusing on my photography and I needed a break to just let my creativity flow. So when the opportunity finally happened I wasn’t shy to drop my clothes off and pose within the rocks, even if someone actually did sen me.

The funny side of that image is that some little creatures were walking on the rocks just where I was sitting and also behind the camera there is open sea and a lady rock-pooling on the rocks looking for crabs, so this was the fastest photoshoot I have ever possibly done. But it was well worth it and made me feel alive again.

Looking forward to coming back here next year.

Bodyscape Sinful Sunday Blog Post

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Sinful Sunday


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    This is incredible! Especially knowing the circumstances around the shot. You look fab!

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    Gorgeous … just gorgeous pose, gorgeous colour, gorgeous location !!!
    Xxx – K

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    This is absolutely gorgeous! X

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    violet fawkes


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    Love this picture! What a great pose and wonderful scenery. You look amazing.

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    What a great setting and you fit right in with the natural beauty!

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    Very beautiful: you and the location!

    Fabulous photo!

    (Even if you didn’t get much time to set it up and pose.)


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    This is so beautiful, I love the colour in this and I’m so glad you managed to grab a few minutes to just be you.

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    Wow, Monika!!! This is so beautiful <3 You are such a talented photographer x

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