Top 10 Most Searched for Kinks and Fetishes

Top 10 Most Searched for Kinks and Fetishes

Top 10 most serched for kinks and fetishes on fetish

So you have all been lock up in your homes for a significant portion of the year. People have been gardening, reading books, even writing books, decorating their homes, sewing and crafting and searching the internet for all sorts of porn.

Wait what? Yes that is right, we don’t need to shy about it. Whilst people have been keeping themselves busy with knitting and gardening and cooking they have also been filling in the hours searching for a wide variety of adult content. There has been lots of information about where those people might be living but what they have been looking for is another matter altogether. So we spoke to our friends over at and asked them what were the most searched for topics on their site during the height of Lockdown and the answer is a fascinating and diverse list of the top 10 most searched for kinks and fetishes.

10. BallBusting

Ballbusting is the act of inflicting pain to the testicles usually by slapping, scratching, pinching, punching and even kicking the testicles. It might also involve using implements like floggers and crops. Because of the sensitive nature of the balls though it is important to do some research and learn how to administer this type of pain in a way that is safe and as it appears on this list at number 10 it seems a fair few people have been doing exactly that.

9. Slave

This one makes me wonder if the people searching for this are looking for someone to be their slave or if they are looking to be someone’s slave. In the context of BDSM a slave is someone tends to hand over control of a large part of their lives to a dominant partner. Being a slave can often be part of what is a referred to as a TPE relationship. (Total Power Exchange)

8. Baby/Little

Number 8 in the list of top 10 most searched for kinks and fetishes is Baby/Little. A bit like slave it is another type of BDSM relationship dynamic where one partner identities as a younger person known as a little or a baby. Age play sometimes forms a part of that dynamic but not always, some baby girls and baby boy just like to cared for in a more nurturing way but not view themselves as anything other than the age that they are.

7. Anal

Do we really need to explain this one? For some still a hugely taboo subject especially when it comes to penis owners and for others a fairly standard sexual act. Whichever it is for you always use plenty of lube and invest in a good anal toy or two is our advice.

6. Small Penis Humiliation

I have to wonder if those looking for some ballbusting might also be looking for this particular subject too. Maybe they want someone to tell their how tiny their dick is whilst administering a good seeing to their balls. I don’t really know but as it is higher up on the list than anal there are clearly a surprising number of folks for whom this of interest.

5. Feet

Are feet like Marmite? You either love em or hate em? Clearly as they are number 5 in the top 10 most searched for kinks and fetishes they are definitely popular with plenty of folks. The question is though I wonder what they want to do feet or have done to their feet. I know foot-jobs are surprisingly popular but clearly this is about more than just a single sex act.

4. Daddy

Seems that Daddy is a far more popular search than Baby/Little but clearly the two are intrinsically related, after all one really needs the other to truly satisfy that kink and if we look a bit further down the list to the number two spot we can see another related term which maybe means that age play related searches if combined together might actually top this list.

3. Mistress

And in at number three on the list is surely a classic when it comes to kink and fetish. This is not the mistress in the sense of ‘the other woman’ but a female dominant. There are many stereotypes around this kink, if the leather clad, whip wielding dominatrix, but of course the truth is for some that is what it is about and for others it is more about a relationship dynamic, often known as a female led relationship.

2. Diaper

Clearly this is a kink that can be both linked to little/age play but also to the final kink on our list. People who like to wear diapers are commonly called adult babies and their kink definitely falls into the age play category. For many adult babies it is not necessarily directly about sex but more about being able to revert to an state of mind where they feel completely nurtured.

1. Scat

In the number one spot as the most searched for kink and fetish during lockdown is scat: A definition of which is gaining sexual pleasure from poo. It can vary widely the ways in which it manifests itself for example it might be watching someone poo, being poo’d on, holding onto poo and/or soiling yourself. It is widely thought not to be a very common fetish and for many people anything to do with it can be a hard limit but it’s appearance as number one of this list makes me wonder if maybe the taboo nature of it means it is more popular than we think just people don’t feel comfortable admitting their attraction to this particular kink

So there you have it, the top 10 most searched for kink and fetishes, on, during April 2020. What did sexy kink or fetish did you last search for?

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