Limited Edition Halloween Colours

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This Halloween were celebrating with some truly shocking limited colourways. We haven’t done this in a while so are super excited.

These special colours will be available until Halloween (October 31st) and then they will be gone, poof, vanished!

The Halloween Horrors.

Spiced Pumpkin

Mmmmm pumpkin pie with a great big, juicy, white splodge of cream at the very tip waiting to be licked. Cream not included.

Pimpkin Pie Halloween 2020 Adam and Ambit 1000x1000 Product Images

Wicked Bitch Witch

The wicked bitch witch swoops in furiously on her broom, stocking’s for seducing, long nails to scratch and the most sinister laugh letting you know it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Wicked Bitch Witch Halloween 2020 Ambit and Absolem 1000x1000 Product Images

Chewed Candy Corn

You buy a bag of sweets, open them up and pop them straight in your mouth. But with these realistic, chewed candy corns you are definitely in for more of a treat.

Chewed Candy Corn Halloween 2020 Skrue and Ambit 1000x1000 Product Images


Bite you, prick you and suck you dry, Vlood is hungry and the only thing he likes more than your blood is the sound you make as he first penetrates your body with his long…… actually why spoil the surprise.

Vlood Halloween 2020 Hercules and XI 1000x1000 Product Images

Get your ghouls this month before they decent back down to the deep, dark dungeons of hellish pleasure never to be seen again!

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