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Today is ask a stupid question day (#AskAStupidQuestionDay)

We have all done it; wanted to ask a question but haven’t because in our head the question sounds so fucking stupid and so we were embarrassed to ask it out loud.

Last week we asked for questions that you haven’t asked for fears of sounding silly and below are some of those questions and our answers.

Q – What’s the best positions to use a suction cup dildo and where do you stick it too.

A – Personally we do not use the suction cup for suction. We only use the actual suction cup base on a fuck machine. We mainly use a suction cup base dildo in a strap on harness because we find that the suction cup base actually makes for a more comfortable fit. The thinner, suppler edges mould to the body and make things way more comfortable when using.

However, positions for a suction cup dildo with be things like on your hands and knees, stood upright bent over at the waist and also crouched down (squatted down). The suction cup toy can be on a wall or door. Be careful on glass and especially on mirrors as they can break easily and spoil the fun. Also bathroom tiles are great for suction cups sex toys but be careful when pulling them off as you can easily pull of the tiles.

Really it’s up to you, if you want to drive out to a quiet spot, stick the dildo on the car and ride it the do just that. Put the dildo on a door or wall and ride it, if you want that threesome feeling ride the dildo with a penis in your mouth. You can even stick them to a chair and ride that while you shop online, take a phone call or put on a show for someone. The choices are all yours.

Q – Are orders being processed properly at this time? Or can people expect some form of delay? In terms of manufacturing and delivery.

A – Let’s talk about them separately as there are changes to both but very different changes.


We have been working incredibly hard day and night to make sure orders go out in a 14-day window. Yes, sometimes we do run over for various reasons, not happy with the mix, less days making etc. But 90% to 95% of ALL orders are made and dispatched in less than 14 days.

We carry large quantities of materials such as silicone so we don’t run out when the supply times are extended.


At the beginning of 2020, we were making a change to DHL delivery to give customers a much better experience in the one area we could not control. Moving to DHL has cut down delivery times by an average of 85% worldwide. In numbers, the old 2 to 3-week non-track delivery service has been replaced with a 1 to 2 day full tracked and customer-controlled delivery service. No more slow delivery, missing items or missed calling cards for your delivery provider. Customers know exactly what’s happening with their order.

Q – Why don’t you make large butt pugs and dildos?

The honest answer is because we haven’t ventured personally in to larger toys yet. We have always made toy that we wanted as a couple, those needs and wants have changed over the years resulting in the different toys we have today.
We have been making changes in our design process though where new toys are designed in several different sizes so we can offer other people the size products that they wish to own.

Q – Is there any difference between the “Hercules bi-colour collection” and the “Hercules bi-colour dildo”? Firmness maybe? Which one of these comes in 15a shore?

A – No there’s absolutely no difference at all. It just appears that we have duplicated a listing and have clearly not noticed so thanks for pointing this out.
The Hercules bi-colour is a listing for a two colour mixed, 15A shore silicone toy. If a softer Hercules is what you’re after, then the Hercules Soft listing has options for 00-50 or 00-30 silicone. All soft Hercules are made in single colours. Bi colours can be requested but mixing soft silicone doesn’t always give the great colour patterns you get with a 15A.

Q – Does the “Ambit bi-colour standard base” come as 15a shore?

A – All Ambits come as a 15A shore. The ambit was specifically designed as a curved toy for prostate and g spot pleasure. Making the Ambit too soft takes always all the benefits of having a curved toy and you’re better off getting a soft straight toy.

We have experimented with silicones to find what is the very lowest shore we are prepared to make the Ambit in that would keep its enjoyable shape and the benefits of a curved toy. Soft ambits are likely a product for the future but should you want to talk to us about it now then drop us an email using the contact us form.

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  1. While this is great advice on the first…. I don’t agree with the ‘take a phone call’

    Don’t involve a non-consenting person in with the kink.

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