Soft Textured Toys Now at Godmeiche

Soft Textured Toys Now at Godmeiche

NEW Soft Texture Toys Absolem and Skrue Silicone DIldos Blog Post Banner

Say hello to soft texture as we launch the Absolem and Skrue in a single density soft silicone that has a semi-realistic, skin-like feel to it along with all the textured sensations you love.

Soft Story Time

It’s no secret we enjoy using the soft Adam 8 inch, we also enjoy using texture toys. But then one day Monika said “I wonder what the Absolem would be like soft?”

Curiosity set in and the desire to try something new inspired us to make the Absolem and Skrue in a soft silicone.
So we did some testing. We did quick testing, slow testing, solo testing, couple testing, testing on our back and even testing on our front. Then when we had exhausted all of our testing ability and were pleased with the results we decide they were too good not to share with you all.

So here they are, soft silicone texture toys.

If you are wondering why our other textured toy the IX is not included, well that is because that one did not get through the testing phase because the texture of that toy does not work in soft silicone.

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