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We regularly fall into the YouTube Black Hole starting off with’how to’ videos, moving onto short horror films, Vlogs and then ending upon fail army or even kittens.

In our adventures around YouTube, there have been some other sex positive creators we discovered. Their channels are full of really good, helpful content with something for everyone. So today we want to tell you about some of the You Tube channels and creators we think you should know about.

The list is in no particular order and sadly some of the channels haven’t posted in over a year but the information available on their channels is still incredibly good so it’s worth going thought their archives.

Come Curious

We love these two and have been lucky enough to actually meet both Florence and Reed on many occasions. Their channel is jam-packed with sex positive content presented in a really simple, friendly, chatty format that you often feel part of while watching. You will find loads of help and advice from cunnilingus to low libido and even what it’s like on a porn set. Well worth watching!

Looking for somewhere to start? We recommend the 5-part video Young Swingers Week, it’s fun, real and if you want to know what a Jamaican sex hotel is like this is your chance. However, if you want something more recent that an interview style then Durex the Real Sex Guide is the place to start.


Dr Lindsey Doe is an old school veteran when it comes to giving sex advice on YouTube, I mean the channel was started in 2013! There is literally something here for everyone from sexual health, regular Q&A, vagina hygiene and even wet dreams.

If you want somewhere to start, then our hands down favourite video right now is talking sex with my dad. It’s such a great video, a really nice look into their relationship and he is a legend!

If you have seen our video ‘talking sex with mum’ then it’s the same interview style video but instead of Adam’s mum its Lindsey’s dad.

Calum McSwiggan

Sadly Calum has not posted in just over a year but none the less the content he has is amazing. It’s full of LGBTQ+ history, the history of the rainbow flag, history of gay sex and so much more.

The format is very much a big brother, BFF face to face chat. We don’t personally identify as gay however we have learnt a lot from Calum and believe that the content will really resonate with young gay people.

Looking for a place to start then we recommend watching the last video posted ‘A Love Letter to all the LGBTQ+ YouTubers’ it’s not his typical video but it’s really heart-warming and positive watch.

Melanie Murphy

We LOVE Melanie Murphy’s mad personality and the Irish twang makes us smile every time. Although Melanie has a ‘Sexuality’ playlist her channel is about so much more; There is dealing with IBS, mental health and even pregnancy. It’s quite the mixed bag but what we love about her is the unashamed honesty.

So where to start, Bad habits formed in my 20s! is relatable however if you want a curveball that’s not for the faint-hearted First time parent reacting to birth videos.

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