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New Sex Toy Package Deals To Spice Up Your Sex Life

We personally find that every now and then we fall in to what we call our ‘sex routine’. We have sex in the same way and doing the same things because we want the same results. While there’s nothing wrong with routine and enjoying the things you like, we also like a bit of spice and variety too. So when we recognise that were in our ‘sex routine’ we actively do something new.

These package sets have been put together for you to experience something new, doing something different or even doing the same things in a different way.

These package deals for you to have a new experience in one purchase, saving you time and money.
They all come with the Godemiche stamp of approval and they are all things we own and enjoy so we know you’re going to love them too.

The Threesome Fantasy Pack

Do you fantasise about all the extra pleasure you could get from a threesome but feel nerves about inviting other people in? Maybe your lifestyle makes it very difficult to enjoy inviting another into your world of sexual fantasies. Then this set is for you.

This set is the 2-person threesome fantasy come true, everything thing in this set is here to make your sexual adventure mind-blowing. You can even enjoy this solo if a good fuck is what you want but you’re on your own.
As if all of that’s not a good enough reason your also saving money! That’s what we call a win win.

Sex Positions Pack

Turn up the heat with the sex positions pack that will have you doing things you never thought possible.
The sex positions pack is what we would recommend to anyone looking to spice things up and re-stoke the fire. Every one of the 4 items in the sex positions pack can be used on its own, with another toy or all together for different sensations. The Liberator wedge is also a game changer for us, we love it so much so we even made this video.

Soft 4 Dildo Pack

Save big on this squishy 4 dildo set.
This 4 silicone dildo set includes a small Absolem, a medium Skrue, an Adam 8 inch and a large Hercules. The set offers a range of enjoyable textures, lengths and filling girths making sure there’s something to enjoy whatever mood you’re in.

3 Texture Dildo Pack

Get all three amazing Godemiche textures and save up to £34.99!
If you love texture, then this is the perfect treat for you for. The Skrue, Absolem and XI are all different in design and the sensations they offer.

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