Sex Furniture: How To Use The Liberator Wedge

Liberator Wedge Sex Furniture and how to use it

If you have ever though ‘I’d love some sex furniture’ then today is your luck day!

Today we talking about how to use the Liberator Wedge; a foam wedge essentially that’s going to change your sex game!

The Wedge Packaging

Before we talk about the wedge from Liberator we have to talk about the packaging. This is hands down one of the most fun things we have unpacked recently.


Well Liberator have a packaging system that sucks out around 70% of air in the wedge, what that really means is this wedge comes from a tiny box that’s 40 to 50% of its actual size. The foam wedge is packed in a compression pouch, sort of like a thing a sleeping bag comes in but a dam strong one.

Once removed you cut the plastic and whoosh, air is sucked in and your wedge magically springs in to its full size. If you haven’t watched the video, go watch it now, all of the above will make more scene.

The Wedge

We have been living with this wedge for months now, we’ve been fucking on it, sleeping on it, sleeping with it, even using it as a back rest when reading books. It’s fair to say we have spent a lot of time using it and we both love it. It’s not particularly small, it definitely doesn’t pack back down into the tiny bag or box it came in and it can at times look a little out of place, but none of this matters because it gives so much more than it takes away.

This one angular bit of foam really makes elements of sex more enjoyable. The extra elevation gives you deeper more intense sensations when having sex but it also helps with things like neck ache during oral sex.


The Liberator wedge is made of high density foam meaning that it’s soft but also firm. How can it be soft and firm at the same time? It compresses slightly under your weight giving your body support while also keeping your body at the desired angle.

You cannot compare the wedge to using pillows! You can role or fold pillows up and they still sink back down so in reality your 6-inch high pillow is closer to 2 inches by the time it’s under you. The wedge doesn’t, it’s a foam so it’s comfortable but it’s not so soft that you sink in to it.

The removable microfibres cover is washable but most importantly feels lush on the skin! It really is so soft to the touch; it feels amazing.

Under the cover there is also a water proof layer meaning that your foam will always say clean, fresh and dry no matter what squirt, dribble, lube etc you get on it


So let’s talk about our personal favorite ways of using the Liberator wedge
and some tips we picked up after using it for months.

Oral sex

OMFG this has changed the oral game, I love oral but the laying flat on your stomach while have a really good tease can often give me a bit of neck ache, not with the Wedge. It’s also gives a better angle to insert toys vaginally or anally into your partner. This extra height and slight angle just works really really well


Missionary is a great sex position, you are eye to eye with your partner, you can look at each other and feel really connected.

Using the wedge, we get an angle that’s just as intimate, just as hot and sexy but that bit more enjoyable. We actually find that an orgasm for Monika is much easier with the wedge and requires less clit stimulation.

Bonus tip…

You actually get more height if the liberator logo on the wedge is the right way up. When the logo is the right way up you get just under an inch of extra height. It’s also a bit more comfortable as there’s more foam for you to lay on and the angle isn’t as steep.

Pegging Missionary

We never see the wedge being talked about for pegging yet it’s so good for any couples wanting to enjoy pegging more.

The angle is great for a much easier access to the bum and it takes away that awkward and uncomfortable wriggling round, trying to hold yourself up, getting into a position where your partner can penetrate you.

From the other side of the dildo, having your partner raised, that extra bit also makes it easier to control them and their legs without having the weight of them rested on you.

If your laying face down it’s also more comfortable to have your butt raised in the air.

The Liberator wedge has been a great addition to our bedroom and it can now be a great addition to your bedroom too.

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