Liberator Sex Furniture Now At Godemiche

Liberator Sex Furniture Now At Godemiche

Liberator Sex Furnature Now At Godemiche Wedge Ramp Bon Bon

Furniture to fuck on has arrived at Godemiche.

As a couple, we have lusted after Liberator sex furniture for years but never committed to buying one. That was until a couple of months when we bought the liberator wedge and all we have done is fuck like animals on it since, buy more liberator shapes and fuck some more. We have truly enjoyed them so much we made the decision to stock those shapes here at Godemiche for you to enjoy too.

We are adding three liberator shapes, of which we have all three style and personally use so we have firsthand experience of the benefits each shape can bring you.

So what are the three shapes we have fallen in love with.

The Wedge

We love love love the wedge and it’s something we now couldn’t live without. It’s also not a huge item that’s easy to keep on the bed or hide under it.

The wedge is great for oral sex, easy access for anal play, pegging and also sex positions like the missionary. It’s just a great all round shape we use all the time.

The Bon Bon Toy Mount

The Bon Bon allows you to ride almost any dildo or vibrator. It’s great for hands free solo play, you can watch or be watched and even role pay your threesome fantasies!

Guys you too can ride and enjoy anal play on the Bon Bon while you or your partner can play with your cock even oral. Like the wedge is a nice size to leave laying around or hide under a bed.

The Wedge/Ramp Combo

Ok so this is as easy as hiding a dining room chair but who fucking cares it’s fabulous. This is two shapes the wedge (as above) and a ramp. The ramp is a large body sized shape that’s amazing for even more height, comfort and bent over sex positions such as Doggy. The wedge and ramp come together to give you this comfortable sort of chair that also great for positions on your back or just a good old oral feast.

Keep your eyes open for some ‘sex furniture’ inspired videos in the very near future. Also if you do have any questions about the three Liberator shapes then feel free to ask and we can give you our honest answer.

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