Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Christmas Guift Guide 2020 A Sex Poitive Guide To Buying in Lockdown This Christmas

It seems the the Godemiche Christmas gift guide has become a popular annual event with our blog readers so here we go with our 2020 version. As always it is not all about sex but includes all sorts of potential gifts for the fabulous folks in your life.

SHIT, FUCK & DAMN brooches

shit fuck damn brooches

How absolutely perfect are these? Considering the year that 2020 has been I don’t think there is a finer choice of brooch out there but if the wording a bit much for you then how about one of the fabulous Lady Hale Spider brooches instead?

You can buy Shit, Fuck & Damn Brooches on Wear and Resist

Queer socks

Queer socks

Queer socks…socks that are queer. Which ever way you write it works and surely these fabulous stripy socks will work perfectly for the queer person in your life. If socks are not your thing then check out the rest of that shop for other LGBTQ goodies.

You can buy Queer Sock on Etsy

Delicacy LED Star Light Projector

When I first saw this I thought it would be a bit naff. The images on the listing really do it no favours but having purchased it for someone and seen it in action I have totally revised my opinion on it.

I don’t know about the quality of the speakers but as a light it is really rather cool. The colours are great but it was the star effect that I fell in love with.

Definitely one for the teenager in your life!

You can buy the Delicacy LED Star Light Projector on Amazon

Saucy Secret Santa

Secret Santa package box Absolem green heels

We have a lot of new product lines this year that will hopefully tempt you this Christmas such as the new Cosmos colour collection and all the Package Deals we have assembled or maybe if you are looking to really treat yourself then we highly recommend investing in some sex furniture but if a sex surprise is more your thing and you are maybe on a budget then the Saucy Secret Santa is waiting for you.

Cinderella is Dead

Cinderalla is dead book cover

No Christmas list would be complete without a good book on it especially here at Godemiche as we all like reading so much. There are a lot of books we could have picked for this spot we decided to go with this one as whilst it is pitched as young adult fiction it is actually a book for anyone who loves a damn good story.

It features strong female characters who fall in love whilst battling the forces of evil (aka the patriarchy) and there is a nice little twist at the end. Definitely a page turner in our opinion.

Frog Prince

Frog Prince stuffed plushie toy

While we are on the subject of Prince and Princesses how can you possibly resist this gorgeous green prince of frogs. I know it is a bit pricey for a cuddle toy but it you get a lot of frog for your money and really, just look at that adorable face

Yes I want one!

Adopt an elephant

Elephant from Sheldrick wildlife trust

Who doesn’t want an elephant? I mean look at this cutie. Not got a garden? No worries, this elephant comes fully equipped with their own loving and nurturing home all you need have to do is pay £35.00 to adopt her, or any of the other stunning orphan elephants the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust cares for in Kenya. In return you get an adoption certificate, regular emails about your elephant and access to special photos and keeper diary videos etc.

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