IMPORTANT – £25 Charges for Europe

Important european news charges to come january 2021

Brexit, argh before you click away, if you live in Europe you NEED to read this.

Up until now we have avoided talking about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union because nobody knows anything and we have been determined to deal with any problems that arise quickly and with little to no impact on you our customers.

After a recent discussion with DHL we can no longer ignore these important changes and impacts that are planned to happen in January. Due to extra checks and restrictions, we are going to be charged an extra £25 per parcel that goes into Europe. This isn’t a cost we can absorb and it’s one that will make smaller orders unnecessarily expensive.

In numbers: This is what a small butt plug order would look like.
Plug B – £14.99
Delivery – £17
European cost – £25
Total = £56.99.

If you have been wanting a Godemiche toy and you live in Europe, then now is the time to buy before the charges come!

How We Work Around It

We have a couple of creative ideas that we’re working on but there is one idea in particular that we really need your help with.

We need your help identifying sex shops in your country, shops that you like, that you use, shops that you would love to see stocking Godemiche products

As the charge is per parcel our plan is to work with sex shops around Europe that you recommend as we can deliver larger amounts of items in one go and therefore keep you away from excessive charges.

There will be limitations in what colours and products will be available obviously as we have thousands of options, however, you will still have affordable access to Godemiche toys

Want to recommend a shop then please leave there details in the form below.

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What the future holds

We’re not going to lie there will be fewer options available for anyone living in Europe but it won’t be for long.
We have and will always take problems by the bollocks and deal with them creatively and colourfully making sure you get access to the very best, affordable sex toys that Godemiche can offer.

We thank you all for helping us as this moment in time so we can continue helping you.

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