Million’n’More Collection – More choice than Amazon

Million'n'More New Colour Way Blog Post Banner More Choice Than Amazon

Million’n’More is a celebration of colour, a celebration of individuality, your individuality, creativity and colour desires. To do that we have added a million different colour combinations to the Ambit help you create something truly unique.

Pick any 3 colours. Pick 3 you like; pick 3 that contrast, 2 you like and take a gamble on the 3rd or gamble on all 3. Whatever and however you chose your Million’n’More colour way you will have created something that’s 1 in a million. Technically it’s a 1 in 1.4 million but what’s .4 of a million between colour fiends?

Pick from over 100 different colours, glitters to florescent and even glow in the dark.

Have a go at creating your own Million’n’More colourway using the colour charts below and let us know your favourite in the comments.

A million different colours! We don’t call that crazy, we call it the Million’n’More Collecton because you didn’t have enough colour choices as it was we thought we would add just a few, million, more.

Fun Fact did you know Ambit has 48 times more options than the whole of Amazons ‘Sexual & Sensuality’ category when searching dildo? Whatever your colour combination desires we have you covered!

Other Godmich Toys such as the Hercules, Adam, Skrue, Absolem and XI will be available in the Million’n’More Collection soon.

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