The Original Ambit Story – Changing the world and how you play

The Original Ambit Story – Changing the world and how you play

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Every Godmiche toy has a story, a purpose, a reason for its design you only have to look at ‘Meet The IX’ to understand our ideas around creating this unique texture toy. But what about the Ambit story?

Some of our older OG designs such as the Peg, Adam and Ambit haven’t yet had their story’s told. Yes, you can find a couple of really old, comically terrible videos such as the ambit launch back in 2016 but nothing as helpful as our newer toys and their videos. The editing is bad, the lights are bad and the almost silent whispering was because it was 11 pm and I didn’t want to wake people. But we didn’t care, we were proud of the Ambit, we loved the ambit and it quickly became one of our most popular designs.

So let’s talk about the Ambit, its design and why we made it. Here is the the Ambit story

True story, the Ambit was sculpted on Snapchat back in 2016 and we even hopped over to Instagram to ask for your ideas on texture.

Why Make The Ambit?

Well there was really only one reason for making the Ambit; we wanted a curved toy to play with.

The Ambit design

For a long time there was only one size Ambit (the 6inch toy which is now the medium) and this was because the Ambit was designed around the anatomy of the body and the parts of it we wanted to stimulate.

I have a bolt gun grey ambit, it is solid and a great size for those progressing from the peg.
Its comfortable when in my harness and the curve hits all the right spots (so I am told by my subs)
It’s of solid build with the right amount of flex and movement so it glides in easily.
10/10 for comfort, ease of use and enjoyment

Miss Dawn McFear

The head

The G-spot and prostate are similar in size and shape, both being around 1 inch in size and both give pleasure when stimulated with different degrees of pressure, so we made the head just a little bit larger than 1 inch in length and width.

The head also has a nice curve to it, this was inspired by the the natural curve of your fingers and we wanted to replicate that.

The size

The usable length of the original Ambit is 6 inches, this is because on average the G-spot is located 2 to 3 inches inside the body and the prostate is found a little further in around 3 to 4 inches. The extra couple of inches was to account for using the Ambit in a strap on harness or for anal play where the toy might not be fully inserted because your butt cheeks get in the way.

The medium Ambit is just the right size and so much fun! I love the lavender color too.

Ashlea M

The curve

The curve on the Ambit was to make solo play and strap on play more enjoyable.

When using a strap on the base of a dildo rests on the pubic bone, this causes the dildo to point down at an angle. The curve on the Ambit was designed to balance out that angle and to make the dildo sit more horizontally for more stimulation when being used.

When using the Ambit solo the curve was designed to help reach that desired angle without causing you to struggle, wriggle and worm about trying to find ‘the spot’. Pleasuring yourself should be easy and enjoyable; the curve in the Ambit makes all this possible.

The Ambit is so perfect I don’t even know where to begin… It is my absolute favorite toy!
I am not a fan of big toys but still like a bit of pressure on my g-spot and Ambit’s shape is just perfect for that! The head hits all the right spots perfectly…


The silicone

The Ambit is a firmer silicone than many other curved toys out there and we have repeatedly refused to make a ‘soft Ambit’. The reason for this is our silicone is what make the Ambit magical, the design is all about reaching a spot and stimulating it with pressure, a soft silicone will not do this.

The silicone is enjoyably supple and it bends with your body while keeping its curved shape while you enjoy its pleasures.

The future Ambit

It’s been over 4 years since we launched the original Ambit. Other than one size smaller and one size bigger the design has not changed and the Ambit has proven to be a product people still enjoy.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t designed a new Ambit, one that will be unveiled in 2021 and we are super, super excited to reveal that to you soon and continue the Ambit story into the future

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