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Skrue, XI and Absolem are all available in this week’s inventory drop!

The inventory drop toys go really quickly so grab them while you can.

Don’t know what the Skrue, XI and Absolem are, no worries we have a handy ‘is it for me’ guide below while linking to each of the items.

The Skrue – Thrusting, Twisting Texture

Board of just one texture? Then the dual texture Skrue is for you.
The beautifully smooth spiral design offers a traditional trusting texture allowing you to feel each of the bumps as it penetrates you or use a twisting turning like motion for a more subtle screwing sensation that will blow your mind.
Basically, the Skrue gives you two potential textured sensations in one beautiful dildo.

The XI – Non Thrusting Oral Texture

Love texture but don’t always want a toy thrust deep inside you?
Then the XI is for you. Designed to be a textured toy you twist and not thrust. Vertical ribs/grooves run from the tip to the base giving sensations when the toy is twisted left and right. An octagon base makes holding and twisting the XI super easy even when your hands are slippery.
The XI is a great oral sex toy also. You can insert the toy and twist while you lick for added sensations.

Absolem – Thrusting & Highly Textured

Enjoy lots of texture and thrusting penetration?
Then the Absolem is for you. With large smooth, curved, rib design the Absolem is designed for maximum stimulation as you slide it in and out. Use it slowly and you will feel each beautiful bump as it penetrates you, as you build speed it will start to feel like a rumbling feeling and really fast strokes can change the sensation to an intense almost buzzing feeling that vibrates through you.
The Absolem is for those people who love really pronounced textures.

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