Wanking – 7 ideas to change things up

Wanking – 7 ideas to change things up

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Wanking, Jerking off, Jilling off, Beating one out, touching yourself, self loving, there are some many different names and euphemisms for masturbation but regardless of what you call it, it is a healthy and normal activity. For many people right now, especially those who are single or who don’t live with their partner(s) masturbation is their only sexual outlet. So whilst you have probably totally mastered your wanking technique maybe now is the time to try and little experimentation and mix things up a bit

Watch yourself in a mirror

Why not try adding a bit of self voyeurism to your masturbation time. The size of the mirror will change things and so will the position. You can try a small mirror propped between your legs so you can watch the action from a different view or try standing in front of a mirror and watching your whole body as you pleasure yourself. If watching yourself like that feels a bit intimidating then maybe the smaller mirror at an angle might be a good starting point. You could always trying filming yourself too and watching your own self porn back or if you have a partner you trust then share it with them. I bet that would help to liven up their wanking time too.

Early Mornings

I don’t mean after you have made your tea or had your shower I mean in those few moments when you wake up. Your body can often be quite aroused when you very first awaken so why not take advantage of that and start your day with some self pleasure. If you like to use a toy when you masturbate put it out ready the night before. Tuck into the bed next to you or leave it right on the night stand so that all you have to do is reach out and slide it beneath the covers with you. Wake up wanks are a really brilliant start to the day.

Different Positions

Yes I know, you like what you like because it works for you but also maybe you have just got into a routine and changing things up a bit might give add a little extra something to your wanks. If you always lay on your front maybe now is the time to try laying on your back or sitting up. What about on all fours or on your knees. If you like using a dildo maybe kneeling over one might create a different sensation.

Buy a sex toy

You knew that was coming right? I mean after all it is kind of our thing but really it is an excellent way to bring a bit of variety into your self sex and maybe now is the time to try something different. Have you tried using a butt plug while you are getting yourself off or what about a butt plug and if you have a penis one of our OffBeat masturbators. If all your dildos are firm maybe now if the time to try something a little softer or something a little bigger! And once you have enjoyed your new toy then you can use it alongside one of our other suggestions in this list.

Get Outdoors

I am going to start this one with saying that this is not about exposing yourself to other people. That is in fact a crime so please don’t do that but there is something very exciting about having wank in the open air. You just need to be careful that you don’t inadvertently draw some poor unsuspecting person into your open air pleasures. Take some time to scout out a good location, maybe a quiet spot in the woods off the path or maybe you have a garden that is not over looked. I know it might not seem the weather for it either right now but that is what elasticated waist bands were designed for. Oh but don’t break any lockdown rules to indulge in this one either!

Deny Yourself

Wait what? I thought this was about banging one out? Well it is, but sometimes not letting yourself orgasm can be just as hot and can help to build tension and need so that when you do finally go for it the result can be something fairly intense. Also I don’t mean not doing anything, although for some people that works too, but for others incorporating edging into your routine, so masturbating but stopping before you reach orgasm, can really help to build things up. Try bring yourself to the edge multiple times a day and then finishing yourself off before you go to sleep. You may find it works so well that you start edging over the period of a few days before finally wanking to completion.

Make it an occasion

This is probably not the one to try out when you are short of time but for those moments when you have more time to indulge yourself. Maybe try putting on something sexy, watch some porn, read some erotica or even listen to some filthy stories. Take a bath. Light some candles. (you could even light some wax play candles and try some solo wax play) Put on music. Pour yourself a drink. Get out multiple sex toys. Try a little solo pain play, pegs can be good way to do this and when it comes to impact play it can often be easier to spank your thighs than your own butt. Basically experiment, play around, treat yourself and take your time. This final one is not about a quickie but a nice long extended wanking session. Think of it a bit like a date with yourself!

Do you have any suggestions for how to change things up when it comes to masturbating? If so we would love to hear what works for you or what your suggestions are? In the meantime, I think I have time for a quick wank before bed. How about you?

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