What is Edging?

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Today were talking about the sexual act called edging.

Let’s start with the big question, what is edging?

Simply put edging where you stop yourself from reaching an orgasm right at the very edge just as your about to come. You wait a couple of seconds and then do it all over again until you’re ready to come.
However, edging isn’t just a solo thing, you can be edged by another person or people and this brings a whole new level to edging. When you edge yourself, you’re in control, it’s fun, your turning yourself on teasing until you’re ready to cum. It is great and feels amazing but you are always in control.
When that control is removed and given to someone else. edging becomes a very different experience although the actions are much the same. You’re still being brought to the edge and then stopped, but It’s up to someone else to let you cum and the intense build-up of sexual stimulation and lack of control leads to a different experience.

Tips for edging
All you need to try edging is your hands and fingers, however if you want to experiment with different things then using toys and your mouth are great ways of changing the stimulation.

The Tongue/Mouth – oral sex is a great way of mixing up the sensations when edging. The warm, wet and welcoming feeling of your mouth mixed with things like fingering or vibrators bring a new sensation.

Bullet vibes/clit stimulators – Little clitoral vibes are great for adding in to any edging session. Not only do they work for clitoral stimulation but you can also run them around the head of a penis, on the balls, nipples and even against the anus. Play around placing the vibe in different places and at different speed and see what make you want to cum.

Dildos – Vibrating or non-vibrating the choice is yours but again combined with oral sex dildos can be a super fun addition. Remember dildos come in many different sizes and shapes you can have curved ones for G-spot pleasure, textured toys and even larger dildos for that stretched full feeling.

Anal toys/prostate stimulators – Rubbing the anus can be really pleasurable and as mentioned before you can also try vibes to add something new and different. There are lots of nerve ending around the anal entrance, just pressing a vibrator against the outside can be a real turn on.
Prostate toys are also a really good anal toy but you have to be very careful as pivot prostate toys like the Aneros Helix. These toys can easily tip you over the edge even if you stopped. The reason for this is the more the body is excited the more the prostate toy stimulates. However, if you can manage the balance and not cum quickly the prostate toys and edging can give you a super powerful orgasm.

Our personal experience
If you want to know more about how we edge and our tips and technics, then we recommend watching the video for a more personal and honest answer.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use toys, they are exactly that toys for sex so explore with them.

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