5 (slightly mad) stay at home Valentine’s day ideas

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In fact the title should be 5 (slightly mad) stay at home Valentine’s day ideas for when you have been staying home all year but that seemed a bit wordy.

It is the month of love, Valentines day is on Sunday and I am sure you have amazing dates planned with romance and love in mind…. or more likely you have no idea what to do because all the restaurants are shut, there are no shops to go and take your loved one too, Tesco and Pets at Home don’t really count and well, quite frankly, it is damn cold out there at the moment so even outdoor romance is not exactly the top of your list of things to do.

So what do you do for a stay at home winter Valentines when you have been staying at home for the best part of a year now?

I have some suggestions. Warning, some might be a little madder stay at home Valentine’s ideas than others but mad times call for mad measures in my opinion

Watch a romantic/sexy movie…

…naked. Yes I know it is not really the weather for it but hear me out. Firstly pick your movie. If you are not sure what to go with why not check out Sex, Love and VideoTape a “feminist, sex positive movie review blog” for ideas. Now decide on your viewing location. Are you going with the living room or maybe you have a TV in the bedroom. Either works. Now close the door, turn up the heating and let that room get toasty warm. If you are lucky enough to have an open or even gas fire, this is the moment to light it. Grab your drinks and snack and all the blankets and duvet that you desire. In fact make yourselves a massive blanket fort with pillows and cushions. The all that is left to do is to strip down to your birthday suits and snuggle up together in your nearly created den and enjoy the skin on skin closeness with your beloved.

Play dress up.

Whatever that might mean to you. Maybe it means your best party frock and high heels or a dinner jacket with bow tie or maybe you want to go for something completely different. Maybe you have that policeman’s outfit you have always wanted to try out or what a bot of clothed partner, naked partner. Where one of you is all dressed up and the other is completely naked. Really just use your imagination and go wild and if anyone cracks out a top hat and tails then I definitely want to see a picture of that.

Have a pillow fight

Now maybe this is something you do sometimes anyway. If that is the case it probably won’t feel quite so mad and silly but if not, then I really suggest you go for it. Pick your pillow wisely though, the foam ones don’t tend to have quite the bang a feather one does but trust me when I say, the feather ones don’t just split open in the movies. Also this one is a game you could play with the whole family. So if you do have kids maybe now is the time to encourage a bit of wildness although I would also set some rules so that things don’t get too out of hand but remember the idea is to do something completely different that you wouldn’t normal do.

Get sploshing

Remember that scene in 9 and a half weeks when Mickey Rourke character feeds Kim Basinger all manner of food and drink. I thought she was blindfolded but actually she just had her eyes close. However eventually things develop from just feeding it to her and soon it turns into more of a sploshing scene. Well why not give it a go yourself. You can go for the blindfolded option and take turns to feed each other stuff of strip off and go full on sploshing from the get go. Either way, the point is to have a fun and maybe filthy stay at home Valentine’s date. You might want to pop to the grocery shop first though, think whipped cream, chocolate sauce, custard, honey etc… Also if you are worried about cleaning up then maybe putting down an old sheet might be a good idea.

Start drinking at breakfast

I am definitely not advocating for excessive alcohol consumption for many reasons but also, Valentines is a Sunday and so might not want to start the week with a banging hangover but sometimes having a drink at a time of day when you usually would not can feel really special. Why not plan a fabulously indulgent stay at home Valentine’s breakfast and include some champagne or any other beverage that you love. A large glass of Baileys with ice cream and waffles sounds pretty fabulous to me.

Hide and Seek

A bit like the pillow fight you can make this one family friendly if you need to. If you have teens they will be deeply skeptical at first but once you manage to tap into the kid that still lurks within you will definitely see them mellow and probably regress. Of course if kids are not around or they are young enough to pack off to bed early then this is your chance for to embrace your inner child. Clearly if you share a house or live in a small space this one might be a bit tricky but if you have the space why not do something a little silly and fun and who ever said you need to be clothes for hide and seek is absolutely wrong…. unless you are in the woods and then it is probably advisable

If you have any other wild and wacky ideas for a stay at home Valentine’s then we want to hear and I am fairly sure other folks do too so leave us a comment below and if you are flying solo this Valentine then you should check out the post on our blog called; How To Have a Sexy Solo Valentine’s to Remember

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  1. This year as a treat I set up a Valentines Day treasure hunt around the house with heart shaped rhyming clues and little chocolate hearts with each clue and a box of chocs at the end. I’m actually doing it for my two teenagers but I would have loved it for myself.
    They started it 30 mins ago and are searching for the last clue now. So time well spent. Examples of clues – Roses are Red, Oceans are deep, your next clue is where Tommy’s asleep.
    We have very little to entertain ourselves with these days so I thought why not! Actually started after I cut out a heart shape from the paper last night for my SinfulSunday image.
    Maybe lovely treasure hunts can be a yearly thing for us!
    Enjoy your day
    Missy x

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