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Nipple play should be way more than just a lick or a pinch here and there but something that can be a whole area of exploration and joy in it’s own right.

Nipples are one of those areas of the body that everyone has. A bit like bums, nipples are universal regardless of your gender or lack there of they are also an erogenous zone which means they are extra sensitive to stimulation which may well result in a sexual response. I write may because like so many things when it comes to bodies we are all different and some peoples nipples are very sensitive and reactive to stimulation and others are not.

However like a lot of body parts it can be really easy to forget about them when it comes to sexual pleasure or give them a quick visit on the way to other areas rather than making them the main focus but that could mean you are missing out on some exciting stuff especially when you consider that some people can orgasm from nipple play alone or at least get very close to it.

So with all that in mind here’s some ideas of ways you can give you or yours partners nipples all the fun and attention they deserve

Hot and cold

The fine hairs that cover the skin surrounding the nipples and the type of nerve cells present in the nipples themselves make them very sensitive and responsive to temperate which is why on a very cold day your nipples will often be erect and when you take your clothes off the skin will often pucker and tighten in response to the subtle temperate change. So why not use that to your advantage and get experimenting with hot and cold sensations.

When it comes to cold all you need is a little glass of ice cubes to hand. Always make sure they have started to melt slightly as you don’t want freezer burn but once they have try using them on and around the nipple to cool things down, which may well actually heat things up. Don’t forget to put a towel or water proof sheet down though because the ice will melt and no one really wants to end up sitting in a puddle.

When it comes to warmer stimulation how about trying some wax play? We recommend you don’t use the normal candles you buy in the shop as they tend to burn at a higher temperature and never use a beeswax candle as that could actually burn your skin. However with the right candles wax play is a wonderfully sensual and relaxing experience and can feel particularly stimulating when applied to the nipples. However if you have a lot of chest hair apply a little layer of massage oil before you get started so that you can just wipe the wax off once it dries and don’t have to rip your chest hair out with it.

Impact play

This one is definitely not for everyone and will depend on both your level of sensitivity and also how you feel about impact play in general. However impact on and around the nipples can be hugely stimulating as it draws blood in the tissue which makes this hot and throbbing. Start slowly with some light slaps or even flicks to the nipple, you could also try the head of crop or a small flogger to see how you feel about it. Lightly at first and slowly build it up if you find that it is working for you.


Vibrators are not just for clits! They can be for all sorts of body parts but especially the penis (the underside of the head is a particularly receptive area to vibrations and nipples. Depending on the vibrator the sensation can vary from light and tickly to deep and massaging so it is worth trying out different devices to see which ones work for you but I know that the suction style vibrators can be particularly excellent for nipple play.

Fingers and mouths

Well duh Molly, this one is obvious and yes it is probably most people’s go to move when it comes to nipple play and there is a very good reason for that. Fingers are very dexterous and can do all kinds of things like pinching, pulling, twisting, stroking and caressing and mouths, well they bring heat, wet and teeth to the party but remember the point of this post is to get you really thinking about making nipple play the focus of your play time and not just a step on the way to something else.

Fingers and mouths can be combined to creating contrasting sensations. So twisting and pinching with fingers to replaced with hot gentle licks and kisses or the other way round, gentle strokes and caresses can be replaced with biting, pulling and sucking. The key is to switch things up. Oh and if you try the ice cube suggestion above that is a perfect time to also use your mouth as the contrast between the cold ice cube with the heat of a mouth can be hugely stimulating. The only down side to mouths is that mostly you need a partner for that, it is not really something you can do to yourself.

Nipple clamps

Again this is one that might sound scary if you have never tried but there are lots of different types of clamps that you can buy which give different levels of pinch when applied. Some of the ones with springs can be slowly adjusted to apply pressure whilst something like the butterfly clamps are fairly mean and probably not the ideal starting point but if you find that having your nipple pinched is something that you enjoy then I would highly recommend trying some nipple clamps. Both the putting them on and the taking them off can be an intense ride and I know that for many people it is a sensation that can bring them very close to orgasm or even push them over the edge. So be a little brave and invest in a pair for your nipple play.

So there you have it. A selection of different ideas to help to focus your time and attention of you or yours partners nipples and hopefully discover just how sensitive and pleasuring giving they can be.

If you have some nipple ideas that I have not mentioned please do leave a comment below letting us know what it is because we love learning from other people’s experiences.

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