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Special Delivery

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Welcome to Fiction Friday… the last Friday of the month here on our blog will be dedicated to bringing you some filthy hot erotic fiction to help you enjoy the weekend ahead.

I couldn’t help but blush when the delivery man knocked on the door and asked me to sign for my package. Silly really, how on earth could he possibly know what was in the box? And yet I could feel my cheeks hot and flushed as I squiggled my signature on his electronic device. I swear he was grinning at me as I took the parcel from him and shut the door. And I am fairly sure I heard him chuckling as he walked back to his delivery truck. Or maybe I just imagined that.

I had thought about buying myself a butt plug for the longest time but constantly talked myself out of it. I had never had anal sex and never done any anal play and yet for a long time I realised that it was when I masturbated I would often end up imagining getting my arsed fucked. Clearly my mind liked the idea of it but would my body want to play along too or would was it just one of those things you get off on the idea of but don’t actually want to do?

There was only one way to find out and that was to try it and with no current partner that meant my only option was to buy myself an anal toy.

I had spent hours reading and researching, materials, size, shape. Turns out like with so many things whatever your budget there is a butt plug for you. If you want a solid gold diamond encrusted one then you can totally buy that but on a teachers salary that hardly an option for me. In the end I picked a simple silicone butt plug in a fancy purple glitter colour and threw in a bottle of lube to go with it. I had by this stage read enough to know that lube was the key to a great anal experience.

And now my purchase was here sitting on the kitchen counter next to the bottle of lube waiting for me to pluck up the courage to put it to use. Later, I thought and set about busying myself with the laundry and cooking my dinner.

It was only later as I slid into the nice clean sheets on my bed that I realised I had left my new purchase in the kitchen. I lay for a moment and I considered just leaving it there. I mean, why had I even bought it in the first place but that thought was swiftly replaced with a vision of me face down on the bed and someone slowly pushing their thick hard cock against the tight opening of my arse. The muscles in the tops of my thighs and across my belly tightened at the thought and I slide from beneath the covers and padded down the hall to the kitchen to retrieve my new butt plug.

Once I was back in bed indecision stuck again and I lay looking at the plug in my lap really not at all sure where to start. Do I just stick it up my bum or do I build up to it? In the end I set it on the night stand and reached for my favourite little bullet vibe and started to circle it gentle around my clit, every now and then dipping it into my sticky juices that gathered at the opening of my cunt. I just let me mind wander…

His hand were warm against my thighs as he pushed them gently apart and trailed his mouth up first one thigh and then the other, kisses intermingled with little nips of his teeth that made me gasp and wriggle beneath him. He used his finger tips to draw open the folds of my cunt and then the warmth of his breath was replaced with the heat of his mouth on my throbbing clit. My hips bucked and rocked, lifting my bottom of the bed, opening me up and offering me to him. My juices and his saliva mingled together and covering my cunt and running down between my cheeks over my arsehole.

I was so lost in the moment I didn’t even notice his finger circling around the opening of my arse but then he pressed it firmly up against my hole and my body gave way just enough for his finger to slip easily into my butt. The sensation of being penetrated there made me gasp out loud

“I have never” I stammered

“I know” He replied. “Just relax and let me”

His confidence was a turn on and before I knew it I was muttering a very quiet “OK” and spreading my legs a little wider opening myself up to him even more.

He was gentle but tentative. Slowly easing his finger deeper into my arse whilst continuing to lick and suck and rub at my hard nub of my clit. It all felt so good. So surprisingly good in fact and fairly quickly I could feel the muscles in my cunt begin to tighten and twitch as my orgasm approached but then he drew his other hand down beneath his mouth and slid two fingers into the heat of my cunt alongside the finger that was already buried in my arse and instantly my cunt started to pulsate around his fingers as my orgasm gripped me.

Panting I rolled over onto my side in the bed, the silicone butt plug still firmly logged in my arse, lube and cunt juices smeared over my pussy and thighs and all through my arse crack. I was still twitching from the orgasm I had just given myself and I lay grinning at the realisation that soon the DHL delivery guy would be back again because one small butt plug was only the start of my anal toy explorations.

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