Annual Godemiche Easter Egg Hunt

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Little eggs, big eggs, chocolate eggs, eggy eggs and even virtual eggs, Easter just would not be the same without an egg hunt.

We’re kicking this week off with yearly Easter egg hunt, inspired by grandma’s egg hunts around her garden. Allegedly I’m still too old, but I always love the thrill of hunting Easter Eggs, the searching, the discovering, the enjoying them all in one go or maybe you are the type who likes to savour them and and have a little treat every day for weeks.

Whether you are the hoarder or the binger we have the perfect egg hunt for you because no matter where you are in the world you can join in with our Annual #GodemicheEggHunt.

We have hidden 5 Easter Eggs around the website on various different pages and all you have to do it find all five to win a *£10 gift card which you can use towards your next Godemiche purchase.

To take part in the Easter egg hunt you have to;

  • Find all 5 of the eggs
  • Make a note of their location
  • Fill in the Easter Egg form below
  • If your right, we send you a *£10 off code

If you successfully find the 5 eggs in their hiding places and fill in the form we will send you a unique *£10 off code that will be valid for the next 30 days.

But be quick the hunt is only on until the 4th of April.

*£10 off orders £35 and over, excluding delivery.

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