Friday Finds #2

Friday Finds #2

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It is the first Friday of the month which means we are back with Friday Finds #2; A round up of some of the things we have been enjoying on the internet over the past month. Whilst March seems to have zoomed by very quickly it has definitely delivered various interesting reads.

Welcome to the Very Real World of Alien Egg Implantation Fetishes

We are always interested in the things that turn people on. Human sexuality and desire is such a varied and fascinating subject and what is nothing much to one person can be absolute fire to someone else. We have been asked a lot about making a dildo that can ejaculate and even once were asked about the potential for one that could ejaculate eggs. Sadly neither is something we currently do but reading about this kink was truly fascinating stuff.

“Implantation. Egg implantation. People are doing role-play scenes where the eggs are implanted inside them. The dildo shoots the eggs up the orifice of choice, where they then dissolve naturally. This revelation begs many questions, but the biggest one I have, to be honest, is whether having a jelly egg shoved up your anus and/or vagina is safe.”

The Ambit Dildo from Godemiche by Violet Fawkes

We had to include this fabulous review of the Ambit dildo by Violet Fawkes in our round-up. Earlier this year she wrote a magnificent post for us which was in the form of a passionate love letter to her Ambit but reading her full review on the toy especially in relation to how well it works when it comes to squirting was fabulous. Thank you Violet for reviewing it.

At this point in my sex blogging career, I have more dildos than I have time, so I tend to be a bit selective, and I definitely play favourites. Since getting the Ambit, it has replaced 3 other dildos of similar size and shape. Why? Because the Ambit just hits different. Literally.

How to Do Better When You Fuck Up by Coffee and Kink

We love Amy’s writing which is probably obvious by the fact that she has become a monthly contributor to our blog here on Godemiche but we love reading her blog too. This is a brilliant post about how to do better when you fuck up with really useful practical advice. We have definitely been guilty of fucking up in the past and we have learned valuable lessons from doing so most notably how to do better when you do fuck it up. it can be a very hard to thing to do but Amy’s post is really excellent advice for everyone.

I believe that very few people are inherently evil or incapable of redemption. In fact, I believe that for most of us, our mistakes are how we learn, grow, and become better people.

God knows I’ve made plenty of mistakes – big ones and small ones. I’ve fucked up and I’ve hurt people and I’ve caused harm. I challenge you to find me a single person who hasn’t.

But when you fuck up badly? Accountability is needed. You need to apologise meaningfully, make amends, and do the work to ensure you never repeat the same harm again.

This Is The Reason It’s So Hard For Women To Say What They Want In Bed

How easy do you find it to tell your partner what you want in bed? I think that for many people this can be a challenge but particularly for women who have often been conditioned by society to be people pleasers add that along side shame or just no experience of talking about sex and bodies, as well as maybe a little bit of fear around upsetting a partner and things get really tricky as this piece shows all too clearly

Grace found the TikTok and passed her phone to me. In it, this girl explains how she added the guy she was sleeping with on Snapchat and then muted everyone else from her stories and began posting ones of her explaining what she wants guys to do more of during sex. In doing so, she was able to let her partner know how to get her off without bruising his ego or enduring any of the perceived awkwardness of talking about it in person.

“What a legend,” I said. “I hope she gets what she needs.”

And then I laughed because that’s a lot of work to put in when she could have just said “Press harder here”, or “Don’t move from that spot”. But then what this girl did is still better than what I do when faced with the same predicament, which is to not say anything at all.

Your Heart by Floss Does Life

And we are going to finish this months round-up with an image post by Floss. We absolutely love this beautiful nude shot of Floss that shows her pregnant belly. The lighting is glorious and the whole image feels so sensual and seductive

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