Friday Finds #3

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Welcome to Friday Finds 3; A round up of various interesting pieces we have discovered on our journey round the internet in the last couple of weeks. If you have something that you have written that you think we might like to feature here please do let us know.

Cis People Should Think About Their Gender Too by Hannah Witton

We love Hannah Witton. Her YouTube channels is a regular watch for us and really we could just say go and listen to any and ideally of it but if you don’t have time for that then we really recommend this recent video in which she spent time examining her own gender identity. If you are a cis person who has not really ever thought much about their gender then we super recommend watching this video.

‘Someone Else Was At the Wheel’: What It’s Like to Have Sexsomnia by Anon

This is an absolutely fascinating piece by a men who has Sexsomnia which is a sleep abnormality that causes suffers to initiate sex when I’m asleep. It might sound humorous but it is in fact a challenging condition that raises issues around consent, safety and mental health. This piece is candid look at one man’s journey with the condition and how it has effected his life.

“Weirder yet was how my sexsomnia played out in this relationship. My partner’s reaction to it was unexpected—for her, these visitations were a welcome surprise. I was different; he was different. She liked me but also him. She insinuated that he had an intensity in bed that I lacked in my waking hours. He was commanding; I was accommodating. I tried to figure out what she liked; he took it without asking. I began to wonder, with such passion bursting out of me at night, who was it behind the mask: me or him?”

Risky Kinks that Get me Off by Little Switch Bitch

This post by Little Switch Bitch is about risk and fear in relation to her kinks. In it she lists a number of things that she is turned on by but also explains why there are barriers to exploring some of them. It is got us thinking about the edgy kinks that get us off and we are super curious to know if you have any on your list? If so then let us know especially if you would like us to write a post about your kink(s)

Erotic asphyxiation is also a huge turn-on for me. This however is something we dip into but most definitely not to the extremes. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to but there is such a fine line and really this one in my opinion really needs serious boundaries set up before ever trying it.

Boobday by Violet Fawkes

We love boobs and we love Boobday. Monika actually used to join in with boobday when it was at it’s previous home but she has not managed to do so since it took up new residents on Violet’s blog, well not yet anyway. But what about you? Boobday is a celebration of all things boobs and that doesn’t only mean breasts but flat chested people are welcome too. If you would like to join in head over to Violet’s page about Boobday where she explains how and if you just want to enjoy all the boobage sharing then check out the category page.

Impotence – When Getting Hard Gets Hard by Mx Nillin

Impotence/erectile dysfunction is one of those taboo subjects that people are often very reluctant to talk about but as most people with a penis will experience it as some point in their lives it is an issue that not only effects the person with the penis but their partners too. In this post Nillin talks openly and honestly about their experience with impotence and also offers really practical and simple advice for anyone who is experiencing issues. Regardless of whether you have a penis or not we definitely recommend reading this post

“And never forget, TONS of people with penises experience different degrees of impotence throughout their lives for a variety of reasons. You are not a bad person, a bad lover, or otherwise inferior for having some struggles in the bedroom and there are always ways for you to expand the sex you have with the people who enjoy being intimate with you.”

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