Friday Finds #4

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Welcome back to another edition of Friday Finds (#4) where we share various pieces we have enjoyed from other places on the internet over the last few weeks. If you have stumbled across something you think we might like then please do send us a message or leave us a comment below

We Asked Men Who Ask Strangers to Rate Their Dicks: Why?

Did you know that there are whole communities of people who are into rating men’s dick pics. Some people offer it as a paid service but there are forum groups on places like Reddit where you can get your dick rated for free and it seems there are a lot of men who are into it. Here are just a few of those men’s thoughts on the subject

“I actually discovered the dick rating subreddits by looking at the profiles of users who post to r/normalnudes (which is an excellent body positivity subreddit), and r/averagepenis (which shows normal male genitalia as opposed to porn stars’), which I also frequently post on. One of my posts is actually one of the top all-time upvoted on r/averagepenis, which has made me feel very good about my body image.”

The Vagina Museum

This one is not an article but a shout out to the amazing Vagina Museum in London. Clearly Covid has had a huge impact forcing them to be closed for long period of time but you can still support them by buying something fabulous from their shop. There is something for all price ranges and if anyone wants to buy me the Vulva Scrunchie then let me know.

Experts Predict A Slutty Summer — And An STI Spike

So you got your vaccine and they got their vaccine and you both got the horn. Finally after more than a year of not getting it on it seems that is back on the cards again and for many it will be a joyous thing but just because you got your jab doesn’t mean you should forget the condoms.

“Now, as doctors gear up for a spike in STIs from the unleashing of everyone’s pent-up sexual energy, they are also wondering how the pandemic might affect the culture around sexual health, and if it will make people more responsible or reckless. Could the lessons learned from conscientious pandemic hookup culture — a newfound fluency in discussing testing, exclusivity, and personal comfort levels — be carried on for the better in our new, lusty, post-COVID world?”

And on that note we are going to end with this advert that kinda deals with the same subject.

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