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At the beginning for 2021 we put a hold on shipping items to the EU. Brexit and related factors led to shipping prices being way beyond what was acceptable to charge to our customers or possible for us to absorb.  

Recent changes made on July 1st still make the price of a next day, fully tracked shipping service with DHL beyond what we believe you, our customers, would be prepared to pay.

However we have so many emails asking for shipping to the EU that we have decided to bring back a cheaper domestic postal service for all EU customers so we can again send toys to you amazing people.

So what does Godemiche shipping look like in to the EU

Delivery – 3 to 9 days

Delivered by – Your countries local postal service.

Taxes – Yes, depending on your country there will be taxes you will be required to pay.

Tracked – No, the cost of items tracked and signed is just not reasonable.  

Although we admit this isn’t the standard of service we want to provide, it’s the highest standard of service we can currently provide to everyone in the EU at a price that we believe is acceptable.

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