Peachhes Cumming Soon!

Peachhes Cumming Soon!

Peachhes Collection Coming Soon Blog Post Banner

So the cat has popped it’s fuzzy little ears out the bag and people are now aware of a pending collaboration with the wonderful Peachhes

We don’t want to ruin the surprise completely and give you all the gossip, so think of this as some foreplay, a little enjoyable edging before the grand reveal.

What we can tell you is that towards the end of July 2021 we will be launching a colour collection that Peachhes selected, we created and Peachhes has named.

So many people have asked about the collection that we have set up a special ‘Peachhes’ update email. Simply sign up below and we will email you with details about the collection, pictures, launch dates, and possibly even a cheeky little pre-order offer before the actual public launch. 

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