Find the perfect Godemiche for you


Have you ever tried to find a something by the way it makes you feel or the things you like about it?

Googling things like white, comfy shoes, food to make me feel better or even dildo to hit my g-spot.

We do it all the time with everything because we know how we want to feel and often have no idea about what thing will make us feel that way.

So we decided to make a list of how each of our Godemiche toys will feel, the sensations your likely to experience and even the sexual act you desire they can help you to fulfill such as squirting.

G-Spot, Squirting & Prostate


If you are looking for a curved silicone dildo designed for G-spot and/or Prostate stimulation then the Ambit should be your first choice.Want to squirt or try to squirt?

Then the Ambit is also recommended. Made with a medium/soft silicone, the Ambit has enough strength to apply pressure to the G-Spot to help with squirting

Non Thrusting Texture, Oral

Love texture but don’t always want a toy thrust deep inside you?

Then the XI is for you. Designed to be a textured toy you twist and not thrust. Vertical ribs/grooves run from the tip to the base giving sensations when the toy is twisted left and right. An octagon base makes holding and twisting the XI super easy even when your hands are slippery. 

The XI is a great oral sex toy also. You can insert the toy and twist while you lick for added sensations.


Pegging, Textured Anal Dildo & Finger like 


Interested in anal? Put a finger up your ass and enjoyed it? Want to Peg your partner? Then the Peg is definitely your go to dildo. 

This finger like toy is perfect for both beginner and more experienced anal fun. The Peg is a firm silicone toy with a little bit of texture near the base and can be used in a strap-on harness or manually.

We don’t ever expect you to know what all the different Godemiche toys do or what they are designed. But we believe you know what you want and so our what toy guide is there to help you discover what’s best for you.

Get to know what Godemiche you want and enjoy the pleasure they bring.

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