Not the kind of wet we like – Delay to Orders

Not The Wet We Like - Office Flooded Delay To Orders

In yesterday’s heavy downpour of rain, the roof at Godemiche HQ decided to leak! It didn’t stop there though as the water managed to bring part of the ceiling down into our workshop space. This is clearly not the kind of wet we like. Unfortunately, both studios have been affected by the water as they sit either side of the buildings drainage gully that runs down the centre.  

The flooding has caused lots of damage to stock we buy such as Liberator, Sportsheets and Spareparts and as such we need to restock on those items.

The electrician has condemned many items and closed off electricity sockets in order to make the work space safe until the roof is fixed. Making the remaining electricity safe does mean that we can now continue to make orders however it’s at a slower pace than we would normally be.   

We will have some down times in the coming days/weeks where half of our team will be focused on sorting out damaged items, treating and cleaning all carpets (after moving furniture), leasing with insurers and putting back the two rooms to a workable condition.

We will endeavour to make all orders, including sale items, as quickly as we can but there will be inevitable delays and for this we are truly sorry.

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