Autumn Mystery Boxes


A change of season also means a change of mystery boxes with a colour palate to fit; oranges, browns, yellows, golds, and much more.


Because all our products are hand-poured not every dildo turns out perfectly every time and/or we have an excess. However, if it is not right we don’t send it to you. We make you another that is perfect. As a result, we have a rather large box of our toys that have tiny little imperfections in them. Sometimes the toys are perfect but were made in order for us to take images or for the launch of a new collection.  We used to list them all as individual items in our shop but it just took too long to be constantly writing our single product descriptions for each one and so the idea of the mystery box was launched. Since the first one we have gone on to have a umber of themed boxes and it is time for a Godemiche Autumn Mystery Box.

The Autumn Mystery boxes will be on sale until the 21th December 2021 so if you want get your hands on one of these Autumn treats you have until then to do so.

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