NAME The Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter 2021-22

NAME The Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter 2021-22

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Are you ready to leave your mark on the Godemiche world and name one of the new colours in the Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter 2021/22 collection?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get naming!

The new colours are numbered 1 to 9 as they don’t yet have names yet. That is your job.

You can suggest names for 1 or all 9 of the colours. It’s totally up to you. If your name suggestion is one of the ones we chose then you will receive a £25 off voucher code to use in our store so you can choose your own Godemiche* toy in one of the NEW Pant’n’Moan colours

From now until Sunday 3rd October 2021 we’re asking you to name each of the new colours. After the 3rd October we will sit down and go through all your suggestions and select the 9 names for the various colours that we like the best.

To put your suggestion forward please follow the below instructions.

  • In the comment section place the word ‘Colour’ and then the number of the colour your naming e.g Colour 4 or Colour 8.
  • Then follow that with the name you are suggesting for that colour. For example, if you think colour No. 3 should be called Fushia Pink you would write. Colour 4 – Fushia Pink

We will also be posting opportunities for people to enter on our various social media platforms so you can always comment and leave your suggestions there too.

We will then pick one name for each of the colours and reveal them during October 2021 and the winner will be contacted by us once we have revealed the new names.

13 Responses

  1. Colour 1 – Blue Steel
    Colour 2 – Ice Jam
    Colour 3 – Rosy Cheeks
    Colour 4 – Turkish Delight
    Colour 5 – Ohhh Mocha
    Colour 6 – Throes of Passion
    Colour 7 – Night Navy
    Colour 8 – Frozen Lake
    Colour 9 – Sahara Sand

  2. Colour 1: Frozen Lake
    Colour 2: Gunmetal
    Colour 3: Santa’s Baby
    Colour 4: December Dawn
    Colour 5: Autumn Brilliance
    Colour 6: Mulled Wine
    Colour 7: Stroke of Midnight
    Colour 8: Blizzard
    Colour 9: Fur Coat

  3. Colour 1. Rain on me
    Colour 2. Drizzle
    Colour 3. Cocktail
    Colour 4. Marshmallow / Babyccino
    Colour 5. Maple Syrup
    Colour 6. Blackberry Pie / Plum Bum
    Colour 7. Asstrology
    Colour 8. Love at frost sight
    Colour 9. Chestnutty

  4. Colour 1: Arctic Kiss or Ice Ice Baby
    Colour 2: Desert Mist
    Colour 3: Pop My Cherry
    Colour 4: Candy Cane Melange
    Colour 5: Dune Desire
    Colour 6: Vampire Bite
    Colour 7: Dive in my Ocean
    Colour 8: Bite the Bullet
    Colour 9: Pumpkin Spice My Latte

  5. Colour 1: Winter is Cumming
    Colour 2: Iron Dove
    Colour 3: Reigning Sovereign
    Colour 4: Bubble Bath
    Colour 5: Sticky Toffee
    Colour 6: Damson Jam
    Colour 7: Equinox
    Colour 8: Hard Frost
    Colour 9: Wild Mushroom

  6. Colour 1: Europa Incident
    Colour 2: Elephantine
    Colour 3: Pinkest
    Colour 4: Orangerie
    Colour 5: Mars Lives
    Colour 6: Love Muscle
    Colour 7: Crossroads Blue
    Colour 8: Shades
    Colour 9: I Am Groot

  7. Colour 1. Ocean Currents
    Colour 2. Polished Fossil
    Colour 3. Cherry Gloss
    Colour 4. Papaya Swirl
    Colour 5. Molten Bronze
    Colour 6. Mahogany Shine / Matt Mahogany (can’t tell from the pics whether it shines or not!!)
    Colour 7. Coral Blue
    Colour 8. Chain Metal Steel
    Colour 9. Molten Copper

  8. Colour 1: Rising Tide
    Colour 2: Winter Rain
    Colour 3: Love Spell
    Colour 4: Peach Schnapps
    Colour 5: October Leaves
    Colour 6: Devil’s Kiss
    Colour 7: Starry Night
    Colour 8: Icicle
    Colour 9: Espresso Martini

  9. Colour 1: Thalassophile
    Colour 2: Mithril Mist
    Colour 3: Magenta Agenda
    Colour 4: Peach Perfect
    Colour 5: Orichalcum
    Colour 6: Pomegranate Desire
    Colour 7: Abyssal Blue
    Colour 8: Etherial Light
    Colour 9: Antique Gold

  10. Colour 1: Mermaid
    Colour 2: Spellbound
    Colour 3: Burning Desire
    Colour 4: Peachy Lust
    Colour 5: Pumpkin Spice
    Colour 6: Sugar Plums
    Colour 7: Dusk to Down
    Colour 8: Ice Queen
    Colour 9: Truffle Bonbon

  11. Colour 1: Filthy fir tree
    Colour 2: Hail storm
    Colour 3: Spanked cheeks
    Colour 4: Autumn glow
    Colour 5: Fall’s Gold
    Colour 6: Berry blast
    Colour 7: Freeze pop
    Colour 8: Snowflake
    Colour 9: Toffee apple

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