This Changed Oral Sex For Us – Godmiche XI-F

This Changed Oral Sex For Us – Godmiche XI-F

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We create all of our own sex toys. Each toy we have ever created was to solve a problem we had, to experience something new or to elevate something we enjoy to the next level.

The IX and XI-F are toys we created to solve a problem but then through using the toys we discovered it also enhanced other parts of our sex life.

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We enjoy texture toys but Monika doesn’t always want or enjoy the continued hard thrusting you have to do to experience the textures on a traditional texture toy. What we mean by that is texture toys generally have a texture that’s horizontal (it runs around the shaft like the Absolem) and to enjoy a texture like this you have to push the toy and in and pull it out. Something Monika didn’t always enjoy.

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What we wanted was a textured toy you didn’t thrust, so we made a textured toy to twist.

Knowing that we wanted to twist a toy we changed the texture from being horizontal to vertical. This meant that we could insert just 1 inch of this vertical texture and twist to feel all those beautiful sensations with none of the thrusting.

What we also found enjoyable was that we could insert as much or as little of the toy as we wanted (believe me this changes from day to day) and it opened up a whole new way of enjoying texture toys.

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During our many nights and sometimes days of enjoying and experimenting with the XI and XI-F we happened to discover how it enhanced oral sex for us.

One day, during oral sex instead of reaching for a bullet vibe or using fingers Adam decided to try using the XI. What we both quickly found was that the XI and XI-F quickly brought something new and enjoyable to oral sex for both of us. As a giver it was comfortable to use laying down on your stomach, didn’t get in the way while licking and was super easy to control and vary giving more or less stimulation.

As a receiver it is unique, it is filling, it is two enjoyable things I love at the same time. The feeling of being pleased, teased and edged originally came from just a clitoral stimulation but with the XI and XI-F it became a fuller, blended sensation that becomes harder to control giving me quicker and more powerful orgasms.

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There are many other ways we enjoy using the XI and XI-F so don’t feel this is a one trick pony, it just so happens that we enjoy oral sex and that’s how we like to use it the most.

The IX and XI-F are really for anyone who enjoys texture toys and would make a nice change from others you might own and enjoy.

If you don’t always enjoy a hard thrusting but want to enjoy texture like us, then we personally recommend the IX and XI-F toys.

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