Godemiche Silicone Dildos Bi Colour Pegs and Plug B for Godemiche Workshop

Behind The Scenes of Godemiche Workshop

Welcome to ‘Behind the Scenes’ of Godemiche Workshop where you can see what’s been popular and what different silicone pieces we’ve been working on during the whole month of January.

As you may know we’ve launched our new Pastel Be My Valentine Collection which I must say you’ve liked a lot. We’ve received couple of custom designs which we are very happy to make at NO extra charge. Remember if you wish to get the colours you want just leave us a note on the checkout – it’s simple as that.

Here are just a few creative pieces you requested:

  1. Adam 6in with Pastel Mix Love Hearts and Purple UV base – customer choice
  2. Ambit Princess Perfume and Electric Lavender Love Hearts and the same colours mixed base.
  3. Apprentice – Princess Perfume Be My Valentine

The OffBeat is getting your attention more each month , since December launch we haven’t stop making the masturbators. You’ve been so kind to leave positive feedback and the good vibes around this toy can’t just stop.

  1. OffBeat Gold Venti – textured
  2. Packaging – the masturbator sleeve comes in a cardboard tube. It’s also a storage container.
  3. Venti Standard Yellow OffBeat and Dark Green Grande OffBeat

I think it’s fair to say that Godemiche is well known as a brand with overwhelming amount of colours. There’s no other place that you can find with so many colourful dildos. We can mix literally EVERYTHING. Here are some of  YOUR choices we haven’t done before.

  1. Adam 8in Electric Lavender and Bolt Gun Grey – customers choice
  2. Apex Large in Peach Puff and Pearl – wasn’t sure about this one but I really like it!
  3. Adam 8in – Purple UV and Rose Gold

… and the usual colours that still surprise us every time.

  1. Adam 8in – Red and Black or as we call it Vampiresk Dildo. I take my hat off to Adam as only he knows how to pour this mix so well. I’ve tried and failed miserably .
  2. Ambit (from left to right) – Blue UV and Pink UV with Pink Uv and Purple UV – both were made for a sex shop Taboorva
  3. Ambit – Pink UV and Gold packed in our see through pouches which can be used as a storage as well.

Some of the random things we have made like candles. You can see how securely we pack them, also the unforgettable Nebula Galaxy, and the mix which I personally adore in Anal Duo. Have a look:

  1. Candle Dildo Adam 6in Yellow – we don’t use plastic fillers in our parcels however this is one exception. You can’t trust the postman, so this is the way we secure the candles from being broken.
  2. Adam 6in Galaxy Nebula – it was made by Sean actually – our new toy maker who happen to be Adams little brother. Pretty great!
  3. Anal Duo in Navy Blue and White – there’s something hypnotising in this mix ,I swear I can look at it over and over again and again…

Things that surprised me last week:

  1. It is a WHITE Ambit Dildo!!! I guess white is also a colour , we don’t make them a lot… ok we don’t make them at all but it’s still beautiful
  2. Apex Small in adorable mix Princess Perfume and Blue Lagoon.
  3. Plug B Large in Blue Lagoon – anal toys can be cute.

These are just a few images that I wanted to share with you but believe me my phone currently has close to 3000 images which is impossible to share. I’ve even got told of by Adam that I spent way too much time taking pictures, but hey I just can’t help it. The colours the mixes in different angles oh…  Yeah, I’m pretty obsessed.

And you? Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below I’m very curious;)

See you next month with more updates.


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Godemiche SIlicone Dildo MK and Colourflage Collections

Introducing the new MK and Colourflage Collections

We love colour; Fabulous, attention grabbing, wonderful colour is what we do.

If you think about it colour is very personal, some you like, others you do not and some you absolutely love. We all have our favourites though whether that be the clothes we wear, the colour we paint our homes or the sex toys we buy. Colour can be way of expressing yourself, feelings, tastes, fashion and at Godemiche we have always wanted to give people the biggest, brightest and most creative pot of colours to be choose from.

Every now and then we have an idea that makes us go wow, OMFG this would be amazing! How do we do it? We have to do it! Lets do it! Yes that is a real life Adam conversation.

From a single idea we started experimenting with different colours, pouring them to see if we could replicate the well known camouflage patterns in our silicone dildos. The answer as you will see is yes and from that one single idea these two new fabulous colour collections were born.

The MK Collection

The MK collection is inspired by the traditional military camouflage colours. These distinctive and well known colours blend to form irregular shapes, patterns that are instantly recognizable. There are 5 different colour mixes in this collection.

MK1 DPM – Inspired by one of the oldest and most well-known camouflage colourings it is the traditional mixture of browns and woodland green.

MK2 Woodlands – Inspired by the AOR-2 colours developed by the US Navy the the MK2 Woodlands is a mixture of greens and cream.

MK3 Urban – Inspired by Urban camouflage and its many different iterations, for the MK3 Urban we went with different shades of grey and black.

MK4 Snow – Inspired by the clean and crisp look of the snow camouflage. The MK4 Snow is shades of white through to black.

MK5 Desert – Inspired by the AOR-1 the MK5 desert colour way is packed with different shaded of brown, form a dark coffee to a creamy caramel.

The Colourflage Collection

Colourflage is the like that graffiti covered urban street that is full of character, oozing rebellious vibes.

Love the camouflage patterns but not so keen on the standard colours associated with it? Then this range has been designed just for you as it takes the irregular shapes and unique patterns that is distinctive to camouflage and blends them in your favourite colours. Four shades of each colour to be precise from light to dark, all hand mixed and poured ensuring that each one will be it’s own unique creation

It’s still that amazing camouflage pattern just more colourful and funky!

The Colourflage range comes in a choice of 7 different colours: Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Orange.

We are super proud of this new collection and can’t wait to find out what you all think about it. We would be fibbing if we said we didn’t have out favourites but what we are really interested in is finding out which ones are your favourites?

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A Year In Summary

Good by 2017, hello 2018!

It is so hard to believe that 12 months have past in what feels like a blink of an eye, 2017 has been a great year for us. We have shared so many magical moments together, treading new ground, exploring new ideas and all of it with you, the Godemiche family, watching and joining in.

So let’s take a look at where 2017 went and what we did…


The year started in Poland, full of snow, visiting family. It was our first holiday where we took a break from Godemiche and it was scary. Truth of the matter is the time seeing family did us good.

Adam New Year resolution was to vlog for a whole year starting on January 1st 2017. The real goal was to learn video editing quickly and to build better videography and editing skills, it lasted 60 days!

You can check out his first vlog HERE. Warning nudity in the first 20 seconds!


We were over the moon to be a sponsor of Eroticon 2017. Organised by Molly More, Michael Knight and Girl On The Net. It was the first time this wonderful event took place in London with the trio organising it . The whole event was so well put together, the venue had a very interesting layout and it worked well with all the different discussions going on.

If you’re a writer/blogger we highly recommend attending. To find out more head over to Eroticon.

Yes Adam did vlog it, that can be seen HERE. Talking about videos, on the 23rd March Monika filmed her first EVER Godemiche Certificate, watch it HERE. Making the Be My Valentines, a Monika special she got off to a funny start and finished with a beautiful Ambit full of heart, quite literally.


On April the 21st we launched the Hercules, the biggest toy we have made to date and the first toy with texture. Hercules was and still is quite a different style of toy to what we normally create, much larger and steeped in mythology.  We wanted to create something for the many people screaming ‘we want a bigger toy’. We launched the Hercules at that time with only one size,  large, medium and small came later in the year.


May saw Monika enroll on a photography course. It has been something she always wanted to do and she shared many of the moments from it on the Instagram story and also the blog.  One of the photography adventures led to a 3 time, burnt down, abandoned, old factory building. It was phenomenal inside, full of character, littered with decay, there was even a small garden growing on the 4th floor where a roof had collapsed and plants had began growing in what was once a kitchen. It was also where Monika took the pictures she was most proud of. See it HERE


June 1st we officially moved in to our new office. 450 square feet of space for us to do what we please in with 24 hours access. The space helped with workflow, it helped with increasing production and it was ours, all ours, we even put in a dedicated photography section that’s been so helpful.

June the 10th 2017 we passed 400 customer website orders. It’s a humbling feeling to know that 400 people had the confidence in Godemiche to make them a toy that we hope they will cherish forever.


July 4th is Independence day in the USA but July 6th was our personal Independence day. We celebrated 12 months of being 100% Godemiche, no part time jobs, no help, just us, you and lots and lots of dildos. Our Independence day sale was EPIC and we still have dreams about trying to get all the orders out quickly.

July 27th Vice came to film and it was fun, 10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask A Dildo Maker. Way more than 10 questions were asked and answered, we made dildos, talked sex, sex toys and underwear.


The month started with a Adam 8 inch Peacock, yes peacock colour certificate. A shining example of why we love experimenting with new colours and taking on your custom request.

We wanted to really get our teeth in to pushing people to talk about sex as a topic, Sexual Health Week was a perfect opportunity for this and so we rolled out two blog post a day.

How porn can affect your relationship’, ‘Ins and outs of contraception’, ‘6 Myths porn has taught us about squirting’ and ‘What to think about kink’ are four of the blogs we highly recommend reading.

26th and first ever Adam & Monika Godemiche Certificate, starring Supper Mario music. You’re in for a treat watching as a Purple and Pearl Adam is created, watch it HERE.


Hello Hanover, hello Germany, hello eroFame. Yes this was our road tip to the German business trade show eroFame. The 14 hour, 652 mile drive started at 3am, through the Euro tunnel, France, Belgium Netherlands andfinally Germany.

This was a huge success for us, we made some amazing professional contacts and came away with a ton of wholesale orders.

We also passed 155 five star reviews on Etsy. 155 people felt moved to review the product they purchased. We are grateful for every single one and ALWAYS read what people have said.


We reached 600 sales on Etsy!


After 6 months we decided to fit the office with some custom built work desk. Admittedly it’s the least exciting thing for you but its an office 2.1 for us. Space to move, space to make, space to pack, just lots of usable, functional space.

For the first time ever we decided to take proper time off over Christmas. We closed up on the 18th December and have thoroughly enjoyed having the time to spend with our family and also make plans for 2018.

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Our Independence Day

8am Wednseday 6th July 2016 a choice was made, a choice that was to have a huge and everlasting effect on our lives. At 8am on that Wednesday 365 days ago we walked out of our home and off to work at GODEMICHE as our very own bosses.

We had no real plan, just this burning desire to help people, to make a difference, to make people happy. GODEMICHE was our way of saying to the world, sex should be fun and as colourful as you want it to be.

Fast-forward 365 days and our love for what we do and why we do it not only still remains but has grown into a real passion. We have continued to challenge the norm, to push the limits of social media and to think creatively from colours to designs to even how we reuse and reduce our waste.

The GODEMICHE adventure so far has been a short but steep learning curve; from 1.4 million twitter impressions in 24 hours with the launch of the Galaxy to sharing insights in to our family life as well as making some mistakes along the way. Every day we continue to learn, grow and develop and strive to be the best that we can be, provide the best product we can along with the best customer service.

You have seen us make the Ambit from scratch, jointly start the first UK Independent Adult Manufactures (Iam) with Kink Craft, Sheets of San Francisco and Knicker Rocker Glory on October 31st 2016. We were and continue to be a proud sponsor of Eroticon and we have even given a public talk on strap on and anal play at the London Alternative Market.

All that and more in one year!

Whilst today is a time for us to both reflect on that year and look forward to all the things that the forthcoming year holds it is also a time for us to celebrate all that we have achieved and we decided that the best way to do that was with our customers and so to celebrate our independence we have decided to give everyone 50% off everything. Starting at midnight (UK time) tonight, 6th July 2017 for 24 golden hours everything on our site (except shipping) will be 50%.

To claim your 50% off simply add the code ‘G50’ at the checkout.

We really hope that you will come and celebrate this milestone with us and in the process get yourself a fabulous bargain from our range of products

Adam and Monika

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Hercules The Silicone Legend

Enough talking it’s now time to officially launch the NEW Greek silicone legend, Hercules.

Inspired By Greek Mythology

Gradually ideas began to develop on how we could create larger toys that had character, personality, a story to tell and were different to other fantasy toy makers out there.

Greek mythology is littered with legendary stories of Gods, humans, beast and creatures all with captivating mythology behind them, or as we see it, the most amazing stories to tell. We found our GODEMICHE style.

The Collection

Hercules is the first toy in this collection. Each collection will consist of 3 toys whose stories are interwoven and linked in Greek mythology.

The Hercules collection is going to revolve around it’s namesake and what follows next will be 2 of the creatures that this mighty God slayed.

We have plans for a further 3 collections each one consisting of 3 toys inspired by one of the Greek Myths. Which ones? I hear you ask, well that will have to remain a mystery…for now.


Size matters, some people want it small others want it extra-large. The call for larger toys is something we have heard and plan to address with the Greek collections.

This Greek hero has an impressive shaft, 7 inch/17.78cm circumference (2.2 inch/5.58cm diameter) at the base and 6 inches/15.24cm (1.9 inch/4.83cm diameter) at the uncut head. The thinnest section of this Greek hero is just below the head of the penis, 5.7 inches/14.48cm circumference (1.8inches/4.57 diameter).

For now that is the only size option but we have plans to make Hercules in a variety of size options.

Harness Play

Hercules has also been made to be harness compatible and will need a 60mm O-ring on a strong strap on harness. If you play with a Vac Lock’s then we can adapt your Hercules to be compatible.

Are you becoming a fantasy company?

We create products that people want incorporating our own GODEMICHE twist into them. Larger toys have been something people have been requesting for a very long time. What the Greek collections allow is us as a company to do is bring new products to those customers that have character, style and quality while being noticeably different. What the fantasy element allows is for use to be really creative in what we make, the textures, the visual appeal and the story that we build in to the product, making it uniquely Godemiche in style . As with every GODEMICHE toy we want you to fall in love with it, for you to truly admire your new toy and be a proud owner of a GODEMICHE and the Hercules is our newest temptation that we have for you.

Buy now

Currently if you want to own one of these glorious Greek giants then you can only do that directly from us. The Hercules is only available in one size for now but in our usual style the colour options are extensive and of course if you want a colour combination we have not listed then contact us and we can discuss a custom order with you.

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Godemiche Goes Live Streaming

We are going live on a device near you. Or maybe that should say we went live because on the 28th March 2017 at 10pm GMT we ran our first ever 3 platform live stream. We broadcast out on Instagram Live, Facebook Live and Periscope (Twitters live service) simultaneously. Now live streaming on 3 different platforms at once is not easy and given how many things could have gone wrong we were pleasantly surprised with the results. Did you tune in and watch us?

So Why ‘Go Live’?

Godemiche is a brand made by customers for customers. We started Godemiche because we found that other companies were not great at listening or responding to what their customers actually wanted. So, we set out to make what we wanted to have in our own sex toy collection whilst treating customers how we’d like to be treated. Live streaming fits into this ethos perfectly as it gives us the ability to instantly connect with you and also you to connect with us, we are real people with real lives and really do care about you as individual customers.

We want the ‘Live Broadcast’ to be a way that you can be included in what we do at Godemiche. So you can talk to us directly and help us to steer the sex ship in a way you want.

What Should I Expect From Godemiche Live?

Passion, profanity, chaos, news and a bit of a chin wag. All sounds a little blasé doesn’t it and that’s because it kind of is. You’re going to hear what’s happening with the whys and whens, you’re going to see the new things and most importantly we are going to be there to answer your questions, address concerns and blush at the complements.

For example, in last night’s live stream we introduced two new products, talked about our upcoming competition (which is now open Pastel Spring Sale and Competition) and our current spring sale and then finished it all off with a a live Q&A.

As a general rule the format will be the same each and every week with a mixture of news and information about us and our products followed by a live Q&A where you get to talk to us.

Will It Be Regular?

Yes, yes, yes!

Every Tuesday at 10pm GMT we will go live across the three platforms. However if  with time we get so many people joining in that it becomes unmanageable across the three platforms at the same time then we will move it to three days a week, one platform each day. Right now that’s not needed so we will carry on with the simultaneous live streams.

How Do I Join In?

Simple, all you need to do is follow us on any of the three social media platforms we broadcast live on.

Like Facebook? Then follow us HERE and watch our Facebook Live stream (works on mobile and also on a PC or Laptop)

Like Instagram? Then follow us HERE and watch our Instagram Live stream.

Like Twitter? Then follow us HERE and watch our Twitter Live stream using Periscope.

If you have any particular questions or suggestions for things you would like to see on Godemiche Live then please do leave a comment below and we will see what we can do.

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Black Friday Deals and Offers

Black Friday is almost upon us and we have 35% off anything Black using code BLACK35.

Call us old fashioned but Black Friday happens on Friday, not all week. So from 4am to 11.59pm EST on Friday 25th November you can get 35% off anything black. This includes black pearl and thing with a black mix e.g black & red, black & gold etc.

Simply add the code BLACK35 at the checkout to get 35% of your order and celebrate Black Friday with us.

If you don’t see the colour you like, email us or order something similar and leave a note telling us the black colour combination you would like.

*Does not include shipping or sale items that are black.  

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Affordable Packaging – Can It Be True?

Packaging has been a topic of decision now for well over 6 months. When we started GODEMICHE we wanted to offer the most affordable product we would, proper packaging is just an added expense that we identified as wasteful and unnecessary.

Unfortunately this isn’t something that everyone also believes, some businesses are reassured by packaging, some bloggers referred to items coming in a non luxurious plastic bag as letting down the item, even on makes people wanted packaging. We have tried to educate people in our way of thinking but to be honest as a small run business we don’t have the financial backing to continue trying to change the world when it comes to reducing packaging waste.

So we have had to compromise, we are now and will continue to package items in more appropriate and professional looking packaging, but most importantly its the most AFFORDABLE packaging we could find that complements the GODEMICHE style.

Affordable godemiche product packaging

Affordable godemiche product packaging

Price, it’s something that obviously we have had increase, in fact it was at the very top of our list ‘HAS TO BE AFFORDABLE’ and yes it was in capitals. Our goal is for everyone to have access to affordable, unique, beautiful toys and any packaging would also have to follow these beliefs.

All Adam’s and Ambit’s have been increased by £5, The Peg has been increased by £3 and the Plug-B small and large have been increased by £2.

As you can see we have done everything we can to keep all of our items affordable.

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We are 100% GODEMICHE!

Today is a very special day for us at GODEMICHE! It’s a day that will prove a life changing milestone for me, Monika and the business GODEMICHE.

GODEMICHE was our way of rebelling and sticking two fingers up the adult manufacturing industry and saying ‘ You know what? We will do better’. After years of dealing with the adult industry as ThatPosition (a strap on & anal specialist website), we become frustrated with plain boring, regurgitated shit being spat out yearly. That’s not the say was some amazing innovations and products coming to market, but those new products tended to then fall into the safe and easy route. Purple, pink and black, yes they are popular and are lovely colors but when they dominate the market its just boring. It’s like eating your favourite food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s only going to take you about a week to dislike your favourite food.

We wanted to bring colour to the industry, we want to light up the sex toy corner of your room with the most beautiful colours and designs, some extravagant other just pretty and eye catching.

All though you might think we are a big business steaming forward, the reality is GODEMICHE was our hobby, our love, our need to make the things we wanted and we believed other people wanted. GODEMICHE has been our evening/day off a job, the one we enjoy! The bills, however, have been covered by what I’m going to call a ‘normal job’, that was until today.

Wednesday 6th July 2016, today, fight now, this very day is the day we, me and Monika are 100% GODEMICHE all of our eggs have been placed in the dildo basket. This is crazy, it’s something we are told is not a good idea, we have two small children, bills, rent, equipment the list goes on. The hairs stand up on the back of my neck just thinking about it but not for fear or worry, its relief, joy, the overwhelming optimism that WE WILL BE OK. It feels like I’m diving head first into a swimming pool without water and all I can think is how wonderful and free it feels.

We have a plan, we have goals and we know what we need to be doing but we also need your support, if we don’t have your support and love for GODEMICHE then I don’t care if we reached our goals and everything went better than we ever expected we would stop the business!

We created GODEMICHE to be that brand you can relate to, the underdog, the one you cheer on despite being at the back of the race. We are people making for people and if we don’t have your support, your love, your encouragement to change an industry then we stop.
Please do tell us when you think we have done something stupid, if you think something could be improved or if you’re ecstatic with your dildo, your input will help shape and direct GODEMICHE.

Tell your favorite sex toy shop what GODEMICHE you like, tweet them, snap them, message them and we will do our best to get GODEMICHE into a shop near you, one you like to buy from, one you can fold to toys in.

Well, this is the beginning of a long road, its twists, turns, trials and tribulations will soon unveil themselves and we will do what we do best and soldier on.

Welcome to the journey
Adam & Monika

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