Grind Rings

Meet the Grind Ring…. If you’re the type of person that loves close intimate sex with your partner, but wants more clitoral stimulation that is silent, will never need recharging or require batteries?

Then you’re going to love the grind ring!

OffBeat-customer Reviews


“Not too intense, unless I really grind deep down on it”

If your looking for a light texture to grind then Bumps is the one for you. The small nipple like bumps offer a light clitoral and vulva stimulation as you grind.


“This is one of the textures I feel the most. It's similer to oral sex, I want to grind on it more and more”

If you like oral sex then waves is the texture fo you. Each of the soft silicone waves geltly glide across your clit as you grind. The feel is like oral sex, like a tounge sliding agross your vulva.