Proud To Support Pride – The 1st Report

Proud to Suport Pride Donations

Do you remember back in June when we launched our Proud to be Pride collection and pledged to give £10 of every sale to a LGBTQ+ charity? Well now it is time for our very first update on this project and to send the money to the two charities that we selected for this period of the project. So here goes

From the beginning of June to August we sold a total of 15 dildos from the Proud to support Pride collection which means that we will be splitting a total of £150 between the two charities that we selected which is Stonewall and P-Flag.

But it also means it is time to turn to you and ask you to nominate the LGBTQ+ charity that you would like us to support with the next round of money we raise through the sales of our Pride Collection.

Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. We will then pick one of your suggestions and money raised between September to December through sales of Proud to Support products will be donated to that charity.

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