6 Risque Valentine Dates

NSFW Valentines Ideas 6 Risque Valentine Dates

Yes it is the month of love and next Friday will be Valentine day and we all know what that means; Romantic dinners for two or a night in with a movie and a massage, bunches of red roses, or boxes of chocolates. The standard Valentine fare. Nothing wrong with that mind you, all those things are delightful but have you ever thought about maybe trying something a little bit more risque for Valentines? Well we have and we thought maybe we might be able to inspire you to do something a bit different this month of love.

Try a Sex Club

Oh go on, be brave. Lots of sex clubs or swingers clubs as they are often known have special Valentine themed parties. If you have never been to a sex club before don’t panic. There are absolutely no expectations of you to do anything you don’t want to do and it is not uncommon for couples to go along to just watch others and if the mood takes you and you don’t feel like swapping or being watched they all have private rooms you can slip away into and get it on just the two of you knowing that outside the door lots of people are indulging in all sorts of sexy play.

Role Play a hook-up

Have you always fantasied about going to a bar or pub and being picked up by a random stranger? Why not set up a role play scene with your loved one to celebrate your Valentines together. Talk it through beforehand, share your fantasy with each other then pick a venue and go and play it out together. Pretending you don’t know each other can be a bit weird at first but relax into it and you will soon be having fun that will end up with you inviting your new lover back to your place or seeing as it is Valentines weekend why not book a hotel room to really play with the anonymous hook-up sex fantasy. Then in the morning you can enjoy the nice hotel before returning to real life.

Go to a Fetish Fair

This one might not happen on Valentines day as usually they are held at weekends but no one said your Valentine date has to be on that night. There are lots of fetish fairs dotted around. Find one local to you and go along and explore. You will find all sorts of sexy, kinky products for sale and there is often an after party too if you to hang about and either watch or partake in some kinky play times.

Book a couples massage

Now you have two options here really. There are couples massages that are just that, massages but there are also sex workers who offer such service that involve more than just a traditional massage. Talk through with your partner what they might like and be comfortable with but finding a sex worker you like and booking such an experience with them has the potential to be a super hot valentines date.

Go to a sex shop

Sex shops still get a bad rap in main stream media, they are often portrayed as seedy places for men but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure some of those places are still around but mostly the modern day sex shop is a welcoming and sophisticated experience. Lots of them even offer evening classes and events which are definitely worth checking out to see if they are doing something special for Valentines.

Go to a strippers club

Again like sex shops strippers clubs are often seen as the purview of men but that is not true anymore. I have spent some amazing sexy nights with a partner at a strippers club enjoying the show together and even purchased myself a private lap dance or two which was supremely hot and some places will even do a couples dance where you share the experience. Make sure you check with the girls that they are comfortable dancing for a woman as some don’t want to but other love it.

Plan Ahead

These are all dates that require some planning ahead because they are not the type of date you set up for someone without their knowledge unless it is something they have done before. No one wants to find themselves on a surprise date at a sex club for example if they have never been before. That is not going to lead to romance and sexy fun but hurt and upset people. So talk it through, explore together some of the sexy things you have always wanted to try and then plan a risque date to spice things up this Valentines.

And if you do, or if you have been on such a date then we would love to hear about it. Where did you go? What was it like? Whose idea was it? Or maybe you have always wanted to try something but not been brave enough? Tell us everything about it in the comments below.

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