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Looking for a fun, safe way to ramp things up this Masturbation Month? If you haven’t tried adding anal play to your solo sex, you’re in luck!

Solo anal play entices people for many reasons. From testing the waters in an oft-overlooked erogenous zone to the thrill of engaging in something many consider taboo, even a little butt stuff goes a long way.

Besides being very pleasurable, anal play means learning more about your body and enjoying the mood boost brought by discovering new paths to sexual satisfaction. Ready to get started? Let’s go over some basics.

First Thing’s First: Good Anal Play Is Pleasurable

Many people avoid anal play because they’re worried it will hurt. Done at the right pace for you, however, quite the opposite is true. The anus contains a plethora of nerve endings, and many people enjoy the sensation of being penetrated anally. People with prostates can even experience additional pleasure from deeper penetration.

Anal solo sex has the potential to be some of the most enjoyable anal sex you have. You’re in complete control every step of the way, so you decide whether and when you’re ready to try any of the ideas below or others you come across. Take your time and be gentle—you’ll want to be relaxed.

It is important to keep in mind that the anus isn’t self-lubricating. This means it’s important to bring your own lube to the party. Make sure the lube you use is compatible with any toys you employ in your exploration.

Additionally, as with any adventure, anal play comes with some minor risks. Bacteria from this part of your body can cause negative health effects if they travel to someone’s eyes, mouth, or vagina.

As a result, you may feel like washing the area and emptying your bowels before engaging in anal play. Importantly, make sure to clean your hands and toys with antibacterial soap after every play session. Also, consider keeping anal toys dedicated to that purpose to reduce the chance of residual contamination.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

As mentioned above, you’ll want to be relaxed if you’re trying anal play on your own for the first time. Treat yourself to a warm bath, a massage (if it’s safe to get one), or anything else that helps you de-stress. Trim your nails if you plan to use your fingers, or put cotton swabs under long nails and wear gloves to reduce the chance of scratching yourself.

Every person will find varying success with different positions. Try:

  • lying on your back with your legs up
  • getting on all fours or lying face down and reaching behind you
  • kneeling and reaching below or behind you

Many people get plenty of pleasure from simply rubbing a fingertip or two around the anus while masturbating. This is a great way to warm up and get started. If you decide you’d like to try penetration, be aware that this part of your body has sphincter muscles that will likely contract your first few tries. Remember: take things slow and move at a pace that feels good.

With time, you’ll learn how to let your sphincter muscles relax. It might help to “bear down” (this is why I recommend emptying your bowels beforehand) or stimulate other erogenous zones to help you loosen up.

If using your fingers isn’t your style or you’d like a little more reach, adding toys to your anal solo play can go a long way.

The Anal Solo Sex Toybox

There are lots of toys you can use to make the most of having fun with your bum. One important thing to keep in mind is that any toy you plan to insert for anal play needs to have a flared base or flared sections. Without this, the toy can get pulled into your rectum thanks to those reflexive sphincter muscles. That can lead to an uncomfortable trip to the hospital.

Fortunately, responsible anal toy creators are careful to include flared bases or other stops for your safety. You’ve likely heard of anal beads, a string of spheres that can be inserted and then slowly pulled out one by one to stimulate the anus. You also may have heard of butt plugs like Godemiche’s popular Plug B, which comes in various sizes and can be safely left inside your rectum (with the flared base outside your body) while you masturbate.

In a combination of anal beads and butt plugs, Godemiche also offers the Apex Effulgence Collection. This toy has the shape of two anal beads and a flared base. It can be left inserted or moved in and out of your body for solo play.

If stimulating your anus with an in-and-out motion sounds exciting, most dildos with flared bases do this job just fine. Some toys that are designed for stimulating the g-spot also do a great job of stimulating the prostate, though it isn’t too hard to find specific prostate toys these days.

Most of these toys come with vibrating variations. And, of course, there’s plenty of pleasure to be had by simply pressing any vibrator against your anus.

Have Fun With Anal Masturbation

Adding anal play to your solo sex doesn’t have to be intimidating or shameful. Your body is yours to enjoy, and that includes every inch of it! Setting time aside to express self-love with some whole-body self-lovin’ can leave you in sexual bliss this Masturbation Month.

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