Soft Toys

“My feelings about this toy are a combination of “Yay!” (to look at or to squish it) and “OMG” (when it’s in use).”

Let’s get soft and squishy for a moment shall we and let me introduce you to our soft range of silicone toys.

Still made in our quality body safe silicone but rather than being firm these toys have a bit more give. If you like a softer toy, something that feels a bit more akin to a more flesh like experience then our soft range of toys are absolutely going to be for you.

I have never been a fan of textured toys, the ridged and bums are usually too much for me and tend to be uncomfortable when it comes to thrusting with a toy but then I got a soft Skrue and everything I thought I believed about textured toys was changed. I love how the silicone makes the texture softer, the bumps are still there but there is some give in them, making them less intense and for me far more pleasurable. So pleasurable in fact that the soft Skrue has become my go to dildo now.


Of course our soft silicone range extends to more than just the skrue. You can get a soft Adam, which someone recently named a cunt stuffer, a soft Hercules, the veined delight in our range and the rest of our textured toys too. So you have plenty to pick from when it comes to indulging your softer size!

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