Let’s get Spiky for Halloween.


This week we don’t have one new thing to show off but two! Both inspired by the fact that it is of course Halloween month and so not only are we launching this years Halloween colour but also thought it was the ideal time to add a new texture to the Grind Ring collection

Grind Ring Spikes Blood Splatter Halloween 2021

Like Dracula’s fangs the Spikes Grind Ring is sure to make your juices flow. Don’t worry, it is not quite as menacing and spiky as it first appears because like all our Grind Rings it is made from a soft supple silicone that has just the right amount of give to it to give you the sensation you crave without it being too, well, spiky.

The spiked Grind Ring might look evil but the spikes are actually really soft and move with your body as you grind against them, moving across your clit, flicking it left or right but the fun does not end there because they will also slide down and between the labia lips as you grind back and forwards.

But that is not all because today we are also launching our Halloween Colour for 2021. Red and white but it’s not really just about the colours more about the way in which they are mixed together, rather than a pour it is more a colour splash or should we say slash because the result is definitely reminiscent of the slasher movie genre.

The Halloween colour will be available to buy from today, 4th October through to the end of the month but once October is gone so will this freaky creepy colour option. So if you want to get your hands on it then don’t leave it too long or you might miss out.

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