London Alternative Market aka LAM

London Alternative Market aka LAM

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London Alternative Market or LAM as it is affectionately known by most people, is a monthly fetish market and after party in London. Held on the first Sunday of every month LAM is one of the very BEST fetish markets in the UK, with the other being Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (the BBB). You can regularly find us at both!

What is London Alternative Market aka LAM?

So what the hell is a fetish market? I bet it’s dark, dirty and with people having sex in every corner…. wrong! Sorry if that is what you are looking for but LAM is very much the opposite. It’s held in a beautiful bar (currently Revolution Bar – Leadenhall Street, London) that is a lovely very bright, open, and impressively clean space spread out over 4 floors. Which is split between space for the market traders and social spaces for customers to relax in.

London Alternative Market has lots to offer from educational talks held in the Vault (yes a room as impressive as it sounds) social spaces with food and drink and the very best kinky things you could ever find for sale; clothing, candles, floggers, shoes, paddles, collars and lots more and the best bit is that almost all of it made by the very people selling it.

Do I need a ticket?

All fetish fairs have slightly different rules and requirements when it comes to entry so always make sure you check before turning up but currently as of January 2022 London Alternative Markey requires you to buy a ticket in advance. You can’t just turn up and buy one on the door. They also require that you show a negative lateral flow test on the day.

What should I wear?

Again check the requirements of any event before attending but mostly you can wear whatever you like whether that be jeans and t-shirt of a corset or something else sexy/kinky. However you can probably not be naked or even partially naked and some events ask that you arrive in ‘vanilla clothes’ and then get changed on the premises if you are going all out kink wear. Our advice, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, confident and good about yourself.

Why should I come to a Fetish market?

Can’t I just buy everything online? And yes you absolutely can but there can be down sides to that.

Imagine being interested in BDSM, maybe you want to buy your first flogger or a invest in a good leather collar or a corset? You can absolutely go online and find lots of those things to pick from but that is half the problem. There are so many possible options how do you know which is the right one for you. You can’t touch it or try it on. You can’t chat to the person who made it but you can if you come to a fetish market. Not only do you get to see and touch the items you are interested in you get to direct access to the people who made them and their knowledge base.

Getting the most out of your LAM experience

Our advice is always plan to attend at least twice.

Your first visit is about just enjoying the experience. Spend time having a good wander round. Visit all the stalls, chat to the traders and fondle their goods. Honestly they won’t mind and if they don’t want you to touch something they will have signs up telling you that. This is your opportunity to explore lots of products that you may have previously only been able to look at online. Buy a drink or some food and relax and soak up the atmosphere. Don’t feel like you have to buy anything. Our advice is actually don’t buy anything, maybe if it’s a small purchase but if it’s a bigger buy then wait. This visit is about learning and exploring so that you can eventually buy what you want with confidence.

Your second visit you will know what to expect and have a pretty good idea of what you will see. Although the traders and their stock does change all the time so things are always a little bit different. If you are going for something very specific is it often a good idea to contact that trader in advance and make sure they will have exactly what you want with them. Now you have had time to think and plan you can be more confident of spending your budget on the right thing for you.

Shops to visit

Some of our personal favourites at LAM are Jacks Floggers, Leather Delights and Wicked Woods.

Jack’s Floggers are the most amazing whips and floggers you will see, made by people who use floggers. Their knowledge and products are to die for.

Leather Delights collars, cuffs, gags, leads and all things leather, plush in padding and heavy in quality handmade leather work there is something for every taste, size and style.

Affordable Leather – They don’t bring their whole stock to the market, that would be impossible but they bring a selection and if there is something you want in particular then get in contact with them beforehand

All the traders – Each month LAM updates it’s website to show a list of the traders that will be attending so having a look through before you go is always a good idea.

London Alternative Market, LAM is a wonderful place to visit, whether you’re just starting your sexual adventure or have been on the sexual road for years there is something for everyone and if that’s not enough you get to talk to Adam and Monika and fondle all our products for as long as you like!

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