woman in black panties with red heart drawn on her tummy. For post about female gential anatomy

Understanding Female Genital and Sexual Anatomy

As part of our new series of posts inspired by our recent mistakes on social media we have been reaching out writers in the adult blogging community to get them to write some content for us that shows our commitment to both our own learning but also sharing useful, relevant and informative content with you our […]
Live Chat Pink

Live Chat – 8th August

We love our Live Chats! We have got  so used to our Tuesday’s live streams that we very rarely missed them. So this time we will be talking about few things that happened last week. 1. We’re going away! Firstly and very importantly, we’ll be out of the office for few days to take some […]


Godemiche team is taking a short break for the holiday. Please note that our office will be closed from Monday 14th – 18th August. The last day for the orders is Thursday the 10th August. However, during that time we will be still replying to the emails. If you have any urgent orders to make […]
The Sensual Side to Strap-On Sex by Gritty Woman

The Sensual Side to Strap-On Sex

When I type the words “Strap-on sex” or “pegging” into my search engine, a multitude of porn clips, erotic stories and informative guides show up. As I scroll through these results, it becomes apparent that the strap-on is most often portrayed as a tool used by dominant females, to make a male submissive feel powerless, […]
Live Chat Blue

Live Chat 1st August

  LAM – London Alternative Market  As every first Sunday of the month, we are attending to #LAM. It’s a fetish market very close to our hearts and we would like to invite you as well. This time we’ll be in two so Adam and Monika will have your full attention if you want to […]
Body Positivity by My Tickle Trunk

What Is Body Positivity?

As loyal Godemiche followers may know, there was a recent social media incident where Adam expressed a less-than-favourable opinion of pubic hair, and many body-positive folks understandably took this as a major offense. While Adam and Monika issued a sincere apology, they also saw the opportunity to take a mistake and turn it into a […]
Follow Your Heart - Corah Leicester

Follow Your Heart – Sinful Sunday

Follow Your Heart   If you followed my photography journey on Instagram a while ago, you will know that I had few struggles whilst my course was on. One of them was to find the perfect place to take photos in abandoned old textiles factory called Corah that I discovered. The building was patrolled by […]
Live Chat Green

Live Chat 25th July

What We Are This week the word ‘Luxury’ was used to explain our products and brand so we NEED to talk about what we are and what we are not. We are first and foremost customers, we are customer driven and we want to empower people with the best knowledge that we can for them, […]
Live Chat Blue

Live Chat 18th July

We are sorry about last weeks Live Chat but life rather caught up with us and we just ran out of hours in our day but this week we are back! Welcome to Live Chat 18th July Your questions We know its not always easy to get 5 mints to yourself and that not everyone […]