London Alternative Market – We are back!

We’re going back to LAM! Not sure what LAM is? It is London Alternative Market and traditionally takes place in London on the 1st Sunday of the month but obviously Covid put paid to that for a while. But now it is back and so are we. Yes that’s right this Sunday (5th September 2021) […]

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godemiche-colour-last-week-Blog Post banner

One Week Left!

One week left to show us your perfect Godemiche colour. Simply download one of our colourings and let the creativity flow. There are no rules on colours so you can be as simple or as wild as you like. Feeling inspired and want to take part then simply download a Godemiche kinky colouring in. Create […]

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Create Your Perfect Godemiche Colour

Question – If we closed your eyes and imagined there was a room and in that room was a dildo, a dildo so perfectly coloured that it made your heart ache, legs shake and mind run wild; What colour would that dildo be? Well now is the moment to pull out those pencils or crayons, […]

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Pant'n'Moan Spring Summer 2021 The Names Picked By you

Pant’n’Moan Spring/Summer 2021 Names Reveal

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to name the 10 new Pant’n’Moan colours. There were hundreds of names that you amazing peeps put forward some good, some bad and some rather strange ones that made us giggle but we wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest because we love this whole […]

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Anual Godemiche Easter Egg Hunt Blog Post Banner

Annual Godemiche Easter Egg Hunt

Little eggs, big eggs, chocolate eggs, eggy eggs and even virtual eggs, Easter just would not be the same without an egg hunt. We’re kicking this week off with yearly Easter egg hunt, inspired by grandma’s egg hunts around her garden. Allegedly I’m still too old, but I always love the thrill of hunting Easter […]

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Proud to support update 3 blog post banner

Proud to Support – 3rd Report

In June 2019 we launched our Proud to Support Pride collection and pledged to give £10 of every sale to a LGBTQ+ charity. Last June the project had been running a year and we issued our second pledge report which resulted in us sending £320 to UK Black Pride. Well, its time for another update […]

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The Names Pant'n'Moan Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Blog Post Banner

You Named The Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter

Back in September, we asked you to name the 10 new Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter colours and as always you didn’t leave us hanging. There were hundreds of names and we went through every single one shortlisting our favourites and then finally picking just one for each colour. So without further ado here are this year’s NEW […]

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Pant'n'Moan Autumn Winter 2020 2021 Colour Collection

Name The Pant’n’Moan Autumn/Winter 2020/2021

The new Pant’n’Moan autumn/winter collection 2020/2021 is here and wow they look tasty! When we saw these colours back in February we knew they were going to be HOT and after making them we became even more excited about finally having them on sale Just like the spring/summer collection, these 10 new colours are here […]

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Proud to suport pride second report £360 donated to UK Black Pride

Proud to Support Pride – 2nd Report

Back in June last year we launched our Proud to Support Pride collection and pledged to give £10 of every sale to a LGBTQ+ charity Well, its time for another update on this project and to let you know how much you have raised since October. First, we want to apologise because this update should […]

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Help We Need Your Masturbation Stories Masturbation Month Blog Post Banner

Tell us your masturbation stories

For those of you unaware, May is Masturbation Month and May 28th is Masturbation Day! Here at Godemiche we are quite the bunch of wankers and love celebrating Masturbation May. In the past we have taken part in the 31 days of self-love, we have tried (and failed) to document a month of self-love, not […]

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