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For those of you unaware, May is Masturbation Month and May 28th is Masturbation Day!
Here at Godemiche we are quite the bunch of wankers and love celebrating Masturbation May. In the past we have taken part in the 31 days of self-love, we have tried (and failed) to document a month of self-love, not to mention read so much erotica, looked at amazing sinful images and watched sexy ethical porn.

But this year we want to do something different, something together with you, something sexy.
This year we would like to post a compilation of masturbation stories, your stories, our stories, stories of quick wanks at work, secret wanks in a changing rooms, wanking on cam or wanks with someone watching. First wanks, long wanks, bath wanks, failed wanks… you get the idea, share your wanking tails with us.

Your stories will be published anonymously, unless you wish us to credit/link to you. We plan to post the compilation of stories on May 27th, just before national masturbation day.

To take part please fill in the form below. If you wish to be credited for your story please indicate that on the form and leave the details.

By submitting your story on this form you agree for us to publish it here on our blog. Please note that you must submit your own original work and not someone else’s story. We are asking for an email address so we can get in touch with you about your story if needed but it will not be stored beyond that or published in any way.

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