What’s the Best Kind of Lube for Strap On Sex?

If I could make one recommendation to virtually everyone to make their sex life better, it would be this: add lube! When it comes to strap-on sex, whether you’re doing vaginal or anal play, lube is essential. Let’s look at how to choose the best kind of lube for you. Unfortunately, lube still has something of […]

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Rediscovering whats in your sex toy box blog post banner

Rediscovering what’s in your sex toy box

Do you still own the first sex toy you bought? And if so, does it still get used? You don’t need to move house like we did to think about what is in your sex toy box and how it could be improved. Dig out your toys and let’s see if maybe things need a […]

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Preparing For Your Kink Date Blog post Banner

Preparing for your kink date

It’s not just scouts and guides who need to be prepared, it’s a transferable skill to many parts of your life. A kink date being one of them! As Fetish events of all kinds are beginning to open up again it’s a good time to think about how you can be ready for anything and […]

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Should you live out your sexual fantasies Blog Post Banner

Should you live out your sexual fantasies?

It is completely normal to have sexual fantasies. Pretty much every one has them to come extent or other but like so many things the things human fantasies about vary widely from person to person. For some people the things they fantasies about can be pretty wild and for others their imaginings would be viewed […]

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Outdoor Sex Getting it on in the great outdoors Blog Post banner

Outdoor Sex – Getting it on in the great outdoors

Summer is here (looks out of window at the rain) OK well this is England so not every day is perfect for an outdoor sex adventure but some days definitely are and if this is something you have always fancied doing then this is the right time of year to indulge your outdoor sex desires. […]

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Strap on DIldo What To Consider Before You Buy One Blog post Banner

Strap-On Dildo – What to Consider Before You Buy One

Whether you’re just starting out with strap-on sex or looking to upgrade your toy collection and try new things, buying a strap-on dildo can be a minefield. There are so many options out there, how can you possibly know what to choose?  Here are a few things to consider when you’re picking your next strap-on […]

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Exploring Tease and Denial Play Blog Post Banner

Exploring Tease and denial play – The Penis Edition

It’s important to recognise, before anything else, that tease and denial play is by its nature about dominance. It can be loving and gentle, or rough and intense (or a combination of all of those, of course)… but the person setting the pace is in charge, up to a point. Have a conversation beforehand about […]

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Should I Buy A Dildo Or Vibrator Blog Post Banner

Should I buy a dildo or a vibrator?

So you have decided to buy yourself a sex toy. Hurrah, for making such a positive decision with regards to your sexual pleasure and well-being. The next question is what sex toy should you buy. Well there are lots of options out there but for the purpose of this article we are tackling that commonly […]

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Talking about anal sex Blog Post Banner

Talking about anal sex with your partner(s)

You’ve done your research. You’ve bought (or are willing to buy) lube. You’ve practiced on your own ass. Maybe you’ve even bought a toy or three now it is time to start talking about anal sex with your partner(s) and see if they’re into butt stuff. Wondering how to gracefully bring up the subject of […]

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Next Level Strap on Sex Blog Post Banner

Next Level Strap-On Sex

Once you’ve mastered the basics of strap-on sex, there are all kinds of ways you can enhance your experience and take your play to the next level. Regardless of your gender, genitals, or relationship configuration, there are more ways to have strap-on sex than you think!  Here are six hot and sexy ideas to help […]

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